Grade 4

September 11 – 15

Dear Grade Four Families,

It was a wonderful first week in Grade 4! I am starting to get to know each of the students, and I look forward to learning more about them as the weeks go by. 

Here are the updates for the week:


  • Music instead of PE 
  • Cross-country forms due
  • Please send to school the forms in the brown envelope (only and oldest), headphones to keep in the classroom for the year, and the Library birthday photo labelled with your child’s name and birthday.


  • French
  • PE


  • PE
  • Dismissal at 2pm


  • Mass at 9:15am – please make sure your child has their sweater
  • Music


  • French
  • Extra PE class
  • Please send in a t-shirt to use as an Art smock for the year 

By the end of September:

  • Please purchase a pack of paper reinforcements by the end of September for French class.

Please email me at if you need to contact me at any time!

God Bless,

Miss Meyer