Grade 3

January 16th ~ 20th


Hello Grade 3 Families!

I hope that you were able to go outside and enjoy the beautiful day that we had on Saturday! After several days of rainy weather, it was great to see the sun again😊🌤️💙!

The students have finished writing their paragraph and will be reading them out loud in front of their peers this week. Their goal will be to read with prosody and make eye contact with their audience.

This week the students will be bringing home the I Am A Gift From God workbook. Please go over the assigned activity with them, initial the page, and have them bring it back to school the following day.

Here are the reminders for the week:

Monday ~ January 16th

  • PE

Tuesday ~ January 17th

  • PE

Wednesday ~ January 18th

  • French
  • Assembly led by Grade 7 & K students: you are welcome to join us
  • Dismissal is at 2 pm

Thursday ~ January 19th 

  • White Spot hot lunch: please have your child bring their own cutlery 
  • Mass led by Grade 5 students: you are welcome to join us
  • Library: please have your child bring back their library books
  • Music

Friday ~ January 20th  

  • Pro-D Day: no school for the students

Here is the link for the parents who would like to place Scholastic Book orders in the month of  January.

Please enter Teacher Code: RC143526 to place an order online. This allows Grade 3 to receive points to order new books and various items for the classroom.

If you have any questions or concerns throughout the school year, please make an appointment to see me or email me at

Have a wonderful week!

Ms. Boily