Grade 1

June 12-16

Hello Grade One Families!

The children had a wonderful time playing in the beautiful weather this week. We have been so blessed with sunshine all week!

This coming week we will complete our UFLI unit on reading longer words! This will be our final UFLI week! WE are so proud of all the progress the children have made with their reading this year. Thank you to all families for taking the time to read at home with your children. Please continue to do so over the summer ūüôā

We completed the final lesson in the IAAGFG program today. We discussed secrets and when secrets are okay and when they are not okay. Please read the prayer at the back of your child’s booklet with them over the weekend. The booklets can remain at home now.

I just wanted to send a message to say thank you for the lovely birthday card and gift! It was such a special surprise when Mr. Ren came by the classroom to drop it off in class! It is such a blessing to be part of the St. Paul School community!

Can you believe we only have 12.5 more days of school left?

Here are some notes for the week:

Word Study Unit: Open/Closed Compound Words review (last week)

Student of the Week: Mrs. Santa Ana

Open Parachute Unit (at School): Safety & Consent

Open Parachute Unit (at Home): Protecting your child


  • PE with Mr. Kelly
  • French with Mme. Caprilli
  • Yummy Pizza Hot Lunch


  • Music with Mr. Kelly¬†


  • PE with Mr. Kelly
  • Assembly led by Grade 6 & 3
  • Papers for Mrs. L due today


  • Mass led by Grade 2
  • Grade 7 Fundraiser
  • White Spot Hot Lunch


  • PE with Mr. Kelly
  • Word Study Assessment: Open/Closed Compound Words review
  • Home Reading Books due (for the last time!)


Upcoming Dates:

  • Tuesday, June 20- Mass led by Grade 7 @ 9:15 am
  • Friday, June 23- Parent Appreciation Breakfast & Fun Day
  • Monday, June 26- Primary year end picnic @ King George Park
  • Wednesday, June 28- Last Day of School
  • Wednesday, June 28- CSL sent home


Looking Ahead: 

There are many special events coming up in the month of June:

Thursday, June 15 ~ The students will attend the Grade 7 fundraiser. They will receive their pre-ordered treats on this day.

Tuesday, June 20 ~ The last school Mass will be this morning at 9:15 am. It is a special Farewell Mass for the Grade 7 students which is why it is on Tuesday not Thursday this week.

Friday, June 23 ~ There will be an appreciation breakfast for parents before we begin our school “Fun Day”. Dismissal on this day is at 12:30pm. Parents are welcome to be with us for any or all of this day.

Monday, June 26 ~ The Primary students will be going to the Primary year end picnic. Permission forms sent home this week. 10:00 am arrival, and 1:00 pm pick up.

Wednesday, June 28 ~ This is the last day of school for the students. Dismissal on this day will be at 12:00pm. CSL reports will be sent home on this day.

We will be sending home more information about all of these days as they get a bit closer. We hope that you will be able to join us for many of these school community events.

Please email us at and, or write a note in your child’s agenda if you have any questions or concerns. 

Mrs. Dos Santos & Ms. Carroll ūüôā¬†