Grade 1

Home Reading

The Grade One students are asked to read for fifteen minutes every day after school or in the evening. In order to provide parents, caregivers, and students a variety of options for home reading practice here are some choices (please note that these are optional, and families can choose how to best support their children at home):

  • Word Study Unit- we will be focusing on students learning an explicit phonics skill rather than memorizing a list of words. Word Study family letters will be sent home every Monday and will highlight our phonics skill of the week. Every Friday, the students will have a “word study assessment.” These letters will give families an idea of how they may practice at home.


  • UFLI- The UFLI Foundations program is one of the literacy resources we will be using in class. UFLI includes Home Practice sheets to help families support their child’s learning at home. This Home Support Guide (attached to the back of this letter) explains how to use these UFLI Foundations Home Practice sheets. UFLI home practice sheets will be sent home every Monday and will highlight our phonics skills of the week. Every Friday, please be sure to send this folder back to school so new sheets can go in on Monday.


  • Richmond Public Library–  The Richmond Public Library has a wonderful selection of children’s books both online and when you visit in person.
  • St. Paul Library- Children will be able to take out new library books on Thursdays.
  • Personal Books– Re-reading old favourites and getting new books is one of our favourite hobbies.

At this time, the students do not need to have a written record of the books that they are reading. This will come later in the term.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Happy Reading,

Mrs. Dos Santos & Mrs. Teodosio