Grade 1

Eating Snacks and Lunch at School

Here are some guidelines to answer some of your questions about snack time and lunch time in Grade One:

  • the students wash their hands before they eat and this time is not counted as part of the eating time
  • the students have 15 minutes to eat their snack in the morning and 30 minutes to eat their lunch mid-day
  • the students eat sitting at their table with their classmates
  • during snack time, Mrs. Kelly reads a story to the class
  • during lunch time, the students are encouraged to eat quietly (please don’t talk with food in your mouth ūüôā ), frequently reminded to keep eating and not get too distracted, and do occasionally have a special occasion when they can watch an episode of a children’s tv show while they are eating
  • it is important that your child can open their containers independently if possible
  • please use re-usable containers whenever possible
  • we do not recycle tetra-pacs or hard plastic so these items will be sent home for recycling
  • water is the best drink for the classroom and students can keep their water bottles in the classroom so that they are available to them throughout the day

Please email me if you have any questions or concerns about eating time. Thank-you!