Gr. 5 & 6 Ski Program at Grouse Mountain

Hi Everyone!

Listed below is some important information regarding all 4 days (Jan 13, 18, 27 & Feb 1) of our Gr. 5 & 6 Ski Program.

It is very important that all participating students and parents perform a daily health check prior to attending the ski trip.  If  students  are sick or unwell, they must NOT attend. The same holds true for parent supervisors as the safety and health of all is at stake.  If  you or your child are ill and unable to attend, please email the school office, classroom teacher, AND ME by 7:00 am on the day in question.

All students are to be dressed for the mountain and at St. Paul’s for attendance @ 7:25 am on ski days.   The buses will depart for Grouse at 7:30 sharp.   Non-skiing parents who wish to attend  will be able to purchase a discounted admission ticket through the school for a reduced cost from the regular admission price.  Please let me know in advance if you will be joining us.  More information regarding payment to the school will be forthcoming.  Parent supervisors that will be skiing with the students will have the cost of their lift ticket covered by the school.  All parent supervisors are welcome to join us on the school buses for transportation to Grouse Mountain.

Winter boots are recommended as we do have to walk in the snow from the top of the gondola station to the rental building. Students should dress in layers so as to be able to adjust their clothing for comfort depending on weather conditions.  As I’ve told the students many times, the two most important words when one is skiing are “warm & dry”!

Students who have their own ski equipment are responsible for loading their gear into the luggage compartments of the school bus and are responsible for their equipment throughout the course of the day.  Students who have a Grouse Season Pass are responsible for making sure they have their pass with them on school ski days.

Students may wish to bring a small backpack to hold their lunches, water bottles and any extra items (socks, gloves, goggles etc.) Backpacks may be left in the rental building while the students are skiing. Students will NOT be permitted to purchase food or beverage items at Grouse Mountain.

We will depart Grouse Mountain at 2:00 pm on the last 3 days of the program to return to St. Paul’s. Our hope is to be back at school by 3:15 pm, depending of course on traffic conditions. ***As mentioned in yesterday’s email to parents, our pick-up time for FRIDAY JANUARY 13, 2023  is 3:30 pm from Grouse with an anticipated arrival back at St. Paul’s of 4:45 pm.  Please plan accordingly***

A link for the digital consent form from Grouse Mountain was emailed to all participating families on Thursday January 5, 2023. Please read the form carefully and “initial” &  “sign” it and submit it electronically to Grouse mountain directly.  Failure to submit this form would unfortunately mean that your child would not be able to participate in this activity.

Here is the link to the Grouse Mountain website should you be interested.  There is some helpful information, a trail map, and a mountain weather forecast to better prepare for the day.

Feel free to contact me at should you have any further questions regarding this program.  I’m really excited about getting out on the mountain next week with our students!


Mr. K