Garry Point Endurance Challenge update

Hi Everyone!

On this Tuesday morning after Thanksgiving, I am both thankful and grateful for many things with respect to Friday’s Endurance Challenge event.

I am thankful for the determination, grit, and effort put forth by our student athletes as they met the Endurance Challenge head on. As a group our students ran a total of 597 laps of Garry Point Park for a total distance of 537.3 km!!!  I am also thankful for the help and encouragement our Gr. 7 students provided for our younger students.

I am thankful for the support of our parent community who seamlessly provided transportation and encouragement for the over 180 students who took part in the event.  It was wonderful to have you back at a school sponsored event.  Thank you for abiding by all health measures and protocols that were in place.

I am thankful for the help and support of our teaching staff and educational assistants who ran with our student athletes and encouraged them all to do their very best.  This event could not have happened without you.  I am also grateful to the staff who stayed behind at school to “hold down the fort” and who also helped with pick-up and supervision in the covered area.  (Special mention to Father Felix for running with our Gr. 7 class!)

I am thankful for our friends at St. Joseph the Worker school.  Our school communities have a deep and strong bond that continues to grow as we play and compete together.  I can’t wait for volleyball games to begin!

Class totals from Friday’s competition are listed below:

Gr. 7 – 113 laps = 101.7 km

Gr. 6 – 112 laps = 100.8 km

Gr. 5 – 111 laps = 99.9 km

Gr. 4 – 88 laps = 79.2 km

Gr. 3 – 91 laps = 81.9 km

Gr. 2 – 82 laps = 73.8 km

Have a great week everyone!

Mr. K