The Library is Open!

Welcome to a new school year!

The library will open this week for student visits. I was able to meet with all of the classes from Grades 1 – 7 last week during our school Walkabout. The students were reminded to treat the library books with respect, to be sure to keep their books from the public library and those from the school library separate so that books can be returned to the correct library, and to return their school library books on or before the due date.

Most importantly, we want the students to enjoy reading and to find books that foster this enjoyment. To that end, we will be purchasing many new books for the school library over the next few months thanks to your incredible support of the Scholastic Book Fair last April.

I would like to thank the library parent volunteers who are the core of our school library team. We are looking forward to a great year of working together in our school library.

Mrs. Kelly ūüôā