January 8th – 12th

Happy New Year Kindergarten Families!

We hope you had a restful Christmas break and a wonderful start to the new year! We’re so blessed to be starting fresh and look forward to what the new year will bring us!

Featured Image 

Here we are just before our very first Christmas Concert!

This week at a glance:

Student of the Week: Mia 

Show & Tell Theme: My Favourite Book  


Show & Tell: Mia

  • P.E with Mr. Kelly
  • French with Madame Caprilli
  • Library with Miss Maye and Miss Guevara

Show & Tell: Luciana

  • Music and P.E. with Mr. Kelly

Show & Tell: Sophie

  • PE with Mr. Kelly
  • French with Madame Caprilli
  • Dismissal @ 2pm

Show & Tell: Cassandra S.

  • Mass @ 9:15 –  all are welcome!
  • Daily Physical Activity with Miss Maye & Miss Guevara

Show & Tell: Kaylyn

  • Assembly @ 9 am – all are welcome!
  • Buddies Time with Grade 7s
  • Fukuroku Hot Lunch (for those who ordered)


Homework Multi-Pocket Folders: Just to start fresh for the new year, we ask you to keep any of your child’s “Morning Work” and “Home Reading” sheets at home. The “UFLI/Read Well” sheets can stay in the folder; you are also welcome to keep these sheets at home, if you prefer. 

Quiet Time Blankets- We had sent home Quiet Time blankets prior to the break. If you have not already, please wash and send them back to school in a labelled, reusable bag. 

Friendly Reminders & Upcoming Dates:

Show & Tell: If your child missed their assigned day, they are always welcome to bring their show & tell the day they get back to school!

Scholastic Reading Club– The January flyer can be accessed here. If you would like to order from Scholastic (optional), please enter Kindergarten’s class code RC318627 at checkout so that we can receive rewards for our classroom! Thank you in advance for your support.

Socks– With the Winter season in full swing and the expected rain (or snow), we suggest packing an extra pair of socks in your child’s backpack, just in case.

Upcoming Dates:

  1. Monday, January 15th – Yummy Pizza Hot Lunch (for those who ordered)
  2. Monday, January 15th – Black Excellence Dress Down Day
  3. Thursday, January 19th – Professional Development – No School
  4. Thursday, January 25th – St. Paul Feast Day – Mass @ 9:15 am – all are welcome
  5. Thursday, January 25th – St. Paul Feast Day Celebration – more info to come
  6. Friday, January 26th – Grade 7 & Kinder Assembly @ 9 am – all are welcome
  7. Friday, January 26th – Canella Hot Lunch (for those who ordered)
  8. Monday, January 29th – Triple O’s Hot Lunch (for those who ordered)

Please let us know if you have any questions!


Miss Guevara & Miss Maye