Grade 4

November 29 – December 3

Dear Grade Four Families,

I can’t believe it’s going to be December already! We look forward to focusing on the Advent season. Our Advent wreath is ready to light on our prayer table and it was blessed at the end of Mass on Thursday.

Here are the reminders for the week:


  • Return library books
  • PE
  • Science physical adaptations 4-square paragraph due
  • Math worksheet due


  • C-Skills p. 40-44 due 
  • French


  • PE
  • Assembly
  • Early Dismissal


  • School Mass
  • Music
  • Hot lunch forms due at 9am
    • For January-March 2022


  • PE
  • French
  • Fukuroku hot lunch serving

Upcoming Events:

December 9th – Grade 4 Mass

December 10th – Grade Four Advent Party

December 14th – Advent Choral Celebration

December 15th – Grade 4/1 Assembly

Happy 1st Week of Advent! 

Ms. Meyer