Grade 4

April 8 – 12

Dear Grade 4 Families,

We had a busy week of learning in Grade 4! We started the week with an easter-egg hunt with our Grade 2 buddies! We learned new topics cross-curricularly including, fractions, the beatitudes, energy and the gold rush. We delved deeper into our novel “Wonder” and completed the first part of the book. Throughout our discussions, we encountered sensitive topics, sparking meaningful and important conversations among the students. Despite the challenging themes, I am proud of their engagement and demonstration of a mature understanding of the content. I look forward to continuing this novel with them in the coming weeks. 

Here are the updates for this week:


  • No PE
  • Triple O hot lunch serving


  • PE
  • French


  • PE
  • Library books due back
  • 2pm dismissal


  • School Mass @ 9:15
  • Music


  • Assembly
  • French

Please email me at if you need to contact me at any time!

Miss Meyer