Grade 1

Welcome to Grade One!

Hello Grade One Families!

Welcome to a new school year! We hope that you all had a wonderful summer making fun, new memories!

A warm welcome to Riley, Bernadette and Dominic and their families to St. Paul School!

This year will be the exciting move into the “big school”, having lockers, changing into PE strip, and many other new adventures in school life! If, at any time, you have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to e-mail both of us at and It is always best to address questions and concerns directly so that we can all work together to make sure concerns are addressed and achievements are celebrated!

During the first week of school we will spend time connecting with classmates and begin learning the routines and expectations of Grade One. There are many protocols to review and routines to learn as this school year begins, and we will be working hard to help the children to feel confident and independent.

One new routine is changing for PE. All students wear their PE t-shirt and shorts underneath the regular school uniform on PE days. Running shoes are kept in the lockers for the school year. At PE time, the students remove their outer uniform, fold it onto their home table, and change into their PE shoes. It is very important that the students be able to do this independently so please practice changing into and out of the school uniform at home if this is a skill that your child needs to master. Please ensure that their PE shoes are in the classroom by Wednesday, September 7.

We will be using Class Dojo again this year. Over the first few days of school, we will be posting photos of the classroom so that you can see what we are up to at school. We hope to have the Class Dojo codes sent home within the first week of school. Please do not send messages on Class Dojo as both teachers will not be able to see it.

We are so happy to welcome two education assistants, Mrs. Santa Ana and Mrs. Lam to our Grade One community.

We are so excited to welcome your children to Grade One and look forward to an amazing year together!

Mrs. Dos Santos and Mrs. Teodosio