Grade 1

Week of January 15 – 19

Hello Grade One Families!

The feature imagine highlights Grade 1’s bulletin board “Oh Deer Winter is here!” The children really enjoyed creating our winter deer art projects! There was so much wonderful energy in the classroom during the first week back after the Christmas holidays. The students were so happy to see each other and were very eager to get right back to learning. We are looking forward to the week, especially hosting Mass on Thursday, January 18th. Please join us if you are able to! Just a friendly reminder that there is no school on Friday, January 19th as it is a professional development day.

Here are some of the questions that we will be exploring this month:

How can I help myself to be safe?

What are the common elements in a story (characters, setting, plot, problem, solution)?

How can I share ideas about one topic? (paragraph writing)

How do we see and use numbers in our daily lives? 

What are some patterns that numbers follow?

What do you know about the seasons?

What patterns do you notice in the sky?

What is a community? What are the components of a community? How can we be involved in our communities and how can we affect our communities?

We are looking forward to the students’ wonderings and ideas!! 


Here are some notes for the upcoming week:

Word Study Unit: digraph review (final lesson in digraph unit)

Heart Words: should & there (review words)

Star Student: Karsten

Open Parachute Home Unit: Teaching Empathy & Accountability



  • Black Excellence Dress Down Day (No donation)
  • Family Traditions and Celebrations inquiry due today
  • Yummy Pizza Hot Lunch
  • PE with Mr. Kelly
  • French with Mme. Caprilli
  • Home Reading folders sent home


  • Music with Mr. Kelly
  • Library today ~ please be sure to return all library books before break, or on the first day we return back to school in January.


  • PE with Mr. Kelly
  • Buddy Time
  • Dismissal @ 2:00 pm


  • Mass led by Grade 1 @ 9:15 am (Please join us if you are able to!)
  • French with Mme. Caprilli
  • Word Study Assessment: digraph review
    • Please return all Home Reading Folders today


  • No School (Professional Development Day)

Looking Ahead:

  • Thursday, January 25- St. Paul Feast Day (please see yellow papers sent home last week)
  • Thursday, January 25- Feast Day Mass @ 9:15 am
  • Thursday, January 25- Early Dismissal @ 12:45 pm
  • Friday, January 26- Assembly led by Grade 7 & K
  • Friday, January 16- Canella Hot Lunch
  • Monday, January 29- Triple O’s Hot Lunch

Please email us at and, or write us a note in your child’s agenda. Please be sure to check and initial your child’s agenda everyday.  Please be sure to include both teachers in all email correspondence.

Mrs. Dos Santos & Ms. Carroll 🙂