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Hello Grade 7 families!

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow will be a pizza lunch for Grade 7 as the prize for raising the most Walkathon money.

Students should still bring a recess snack and drink for lunch.

Also, looking ahead to next week, Grade 7 and Grade 3 will be presenting the assembly on Friday December 8th - the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mr. Kirkham

News for Monday November 20 - Friday November 24th 2017

 Hello Grade 7 Families!


First off, belated high fives to both the girls and the boys' volleyball teams! From what the coaches tell me, they all showed maturity and leadership on the court and supported one another in their hard fought playoff games. 

Secondly, thank you to all the parents who joined us for our Remembrance Day assembly. The Grade 7's prepared very well and put on a moving presentation. Also, to those were in attendance, the gentleman playing trumpet (accompanied by Cyrus in Grade 5) was none other than my Dad! (Ray Kirkham). He was a member of the Vancouver Symphony from 1966-2008. He wanted to mention how attentive and mature the students were during the assembly. So well done to everyone!

Next, a big rock n' roll salute to the Grade 7 choir members who showed off both their musical talents and leadership as musicians and singers in the Rock Choir's performance of the songs Cecilia (by Simon and Garfunkel) and Hallelujah (by Leonard Cohen) at the assembly this past Friday. If you were unable to attend or would like to see the performance again, it is posted on the Choir Google Classroom page (the files are too large to post here). Your child can log in and show you! For the choir, next up is preparing for the Christmas Concert.



This Friday, November 24th, will be our monthly dress down day. The theme is "TEAM SPIRIT DAY". Students are encouraged to wear professional or community jerseys or St. Paul spirit wear. 

Students should bring $2 donation for our sponsor child.



One other note - you may have noticed that the Grade 7's are 'making' a lot of things this year for various curricular areas (Language Arts - visualizing stories, French - (Remembrance Day & language accents, Christian Education - weekly journals and eventually for other design activities). This uses a variety of small items that you be preparing to recycle, give away or throw out at home. Well, we will take it!

Useful items we could use: 

Flattened Cardboard (both packing box and cereal box), corks (from bottles), Empty toilet paper & paper towl rolls, blocks/lego, old fabrics/felts/ribbons, recycled (and cleaned!) containers, pegboard, green bedsheet (for green screen), odds and ends craft supplies.

If you have a chance, take a look in your home if you have any of these items and send them along with your child to school. 

Have a wonderful week!

Mr. Kirkham



Remembrance Day Assembly - Friday November 10th

Hello Grade 7 Families!

First off, a belated congratulations to the Grade 7's for bringing in the most money of any grade (apparently for the 8th year in a row!) for the Walkathon! Thank you for supporting the students in their impressive fundraising effort for St. Paul School. The Pizza Lunch prize will happen in mid/late November.


Secondly, just a gentle reminder that this Friday at 10:45am will be the school Remembrance Day Assembly led by the Grade Seven students.

The assembly will run approximately 30 minutes.

Students who are members of Cadets are encouraged to wear their uniforms.

Students will be given a poppy on the day of the assembly.

Please join us if you can!

Mr. Kirkham

News for Monday October 30th - Friday November 3rd 2017


Tuesday is Halloween - or all hallows eve because it is the evening before our Catholic holy days of All Hallows' Day (or All Saints' Day) on November 1st and All Souls' Day on November 2nd.

We encourage the students to come in costume. However, they should abide by our school guidelines as outined by Mrs. Moorehead:

We are a Catholic community, therefore costumes must be modest, respectful of others, and free of offensive language.

We are focused on student safety and peace of mind, therefore: no weapons or replica weapons of any kind (guns, swords, knives, chains, etc.); no blood or slime; no witches, ghosts, goblins, zombies, or scary monsters.

We are a learning community, therefore students must be able to sit at their desk comfortably and consider the space of others (no big hats or wide wings); fully participate in all class activities (including PE and recess times); and see and hear clearly (no face masks).

If your child does not wish to dress in costume, orange and black colours are an appropriate option for dress down.

All students are asked to bring $2.00 for Development and Peace.



If your child will be bringing a treat to share with his/her classmates, please be sure to have a treat for all members of the class, and to wrap each treat individually. 

All treats must be nut free.

All treats will be sent home with Mr. Kirkham---er-- I mean with your child at the end of the day, and not consumed at school. Although, Mr. Kirkham will happily accept any Halloween treats. No tricks, please!



Retakes for Life Touch photo will be on Thursday November 2nd.



Friday November 3rd is the Walkathon Prize Day Assembly where the winning class for most money raised will receive a pizza lunch! 



The Grade Seven class will be in charge of the Remembrance Day assembly which will take place on Friday November 10th at 10:45am. Please join us if you can!

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News for October 18 - 23

 Hello Gr. 7 Families!

Just a few quick reminders:


If you would like to order the wonderful picture of your child from photo day, please complete the form that went home with the photo sample of your child and send it back along with your payment to school by (or before) Tuesday October 24th. 



Friday October 20th will be the province-wide professional development day for teachers. St Paul teachers will be participating in the "Superconference" at the Vancouver Convention Centre. (Cue students cheering) As a result, there will be no school on Friday.



Tomorrow, Thursday October 19th 2017, will have the return of the Earth Rangers, featuring animal presentations and information about how to take care of our environment. Should be great!



Please send a cheque for $50 dollars dated June 1st along with your child to school as soon as possible. The cheque will be shredded upon return of the handbooks in June. 



Just a reminder that three way conferences (parents, students, teachers) will take place on Friday October 27th. Please sign up for your timeslot if you have not already done so.


Have a wonderful day!


Mr. Kirkham




 Hello Grade 7 Families!


Well done to our competitors (Evelyn, Amber, Nadya, Izzy, Michael, Trevor, and Angelo) who showed determination and grit to complete a hard-fought race. Congratulations to Amber and Michael, who each finished first.

I also want to give a shout out to all the volunteers who braved the cold winds of Gary Point (and a handful of rain drops) to cheer on, not only their classmates, but also Grades 2-6 from both St. Paul's and St. Joseph the Worker. It was awesome to see such enthusiasm and support for the runners from all of you. Well done! (no, you don't get a pez, but still, well done.)


One month in and the students are using Google Classroom to not only create, complete, and submit their work, but also to receive feedback from myself, comment on that feedback, exchange questions regarding activities with their peers. Well done! With most of the classroom event updates and assignments going through classroom, the frequency of blogging here will decrease.

Parents, hopefully your experience has also been a positive one. If you have any questions regarding Classroom, please let me know!


Enjoy the long weekend with your family!


On Tuesday, October 10th, after first recess, students from UBC's Math Department will be coming to our class to put on a problem solving workshop. Should be lots of fun!


For students Grades 4-7, I will be leading choir this year with Mr. & Mrs. Kelly on Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch recess. If you love to sing, please come join us!

Have a great week.

Mr. Kirkham

News for Week of September 25th - 29th 2017

 Hello Gr 7 Families,

It was a pleasure to meet you at Meet the Teacher! I look forward to an awesome year with Grade 7  

Also, thank you to all of the parents who came to Friday's assembly. The students did an excellent job with reading, performing, music and singing as they showed their leadership skills with their buddies.

I hope you have had time over this week to get acquainted with Google Classroom. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Further to this, each student has had one or both parents invited as a Google Guardian. This function is solely to provide you updates on the assignments that have been posted in the various subject areas, and you choose the frequency with which these updates occur. 

If you are having difficulty figuring out how it works, please watch this very brief tutorial video -----> click here 

If you would like go in to your son/daughter's classroom itself to see their assignments, please use their login info (which they can give you).

I would like to stress that all assignments and class/school events will be posted in classroom and so your child has the option to write in their agenda at school if they wish, but it will not be mandatory. I will still make weekly blog posts, but all of the same updates/news will be in Classroom as well.

Here is what will make the news in Gr. 7 this week:


Vancouver College Gr. 10 students prayer visits



  • wear comfortable play clothes...we will walk rain or shine
    • no umbrellas please
    • bring a pocket snack for the walk
  • you may take your child home as soon as we return from the walk
  • Dismissal at 1pm




Photo Day - October 3rd

Check PE Blog for practice/game updates

Enjoy your week!

Mr. Kirkham


News for Monday September 18th - Friday September 22nd 2017

 Hello Grade 7 Families!,

By now I am sure you have been regaled with many stories from your child about camp. Well, we had a wonderful week at Camp Elphinstone! Thank you to Mrs. Espinosa, Mr. Kelly, Mrs. Moorehead and Father Mark for helping to make the week such a memorable experience.


This Tuesday, September 19th at 7pm will be our annual Meet the Teacher night. I look forward to formally meeting all of you then! Please note that the students do not need to attend.



This Friday September 22nd, the Gr 7 and Gr 3 students will be leading the school assembly at 9am. Please join us if you can!



Walkathon volunteer forms due this Wednesday.

PE is Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

If you have not downloaded the Gr 7 schedule, please refer to the first blog post of the year to do so.


Have a great week and see you on Tuesday!

-Mr. Kirkham

News for Monday September 11th - Friday September 15th

Hello Grade 7 Families!

First of all, congratulations to the students on receiving their hoodies! As one student remarked, "I feel slightly more mature now!" Such a wise sentiment. 

Monday will be a regular school day except that there will be NO PE class. However, if your child participates in volleyball or cross country, gym strips and runners are required. 


Tuesday we head to Camp Elphinstone - !! The students should be at the school for 7:30am sharp. If you tend to be a 7:30ish family, please be there for 7:15am

We will meet under the covered area where the students line up in the morning. 

Thank you for submitting the forms and money for camp. Please have all of the medication that your child will require ready and labeled in a ziplock plastic bag to be given over to myself, Mr. Kelly or Mrs. Espinosa on Tuesday morning.

Due to scheduling changes with the ferries, we will be taking the 10:50am ferry back to Vancouver on Friday morning. This will result in our return to the school being more around 1:30pm. You will have option to pick up your child early that day at this time or they can remain at school in the Grade 7 classroom until 3pm dismissal.


If you can volunteer for the Walkathon, please fill in the form sent home with your child on Thursday and send it back with them to school as soon as possible. Thank you in advance!


A revision on the previous blog. Victoria actually celebrated her birthday on September 3rd. Happy birthday to Marissa Lopez who turns twelve on Saturday September 9th.


Thank you to all of the students for all of the birthday wishes on Friday. (I am fortunate to share a birthday with Mary the Mother of God... no big deal!) Finally, thank you to everyone who has been so welcoming and friendly to me in my first week here. I appreciate your patience as I adjust to schedules, traditions and other aspects of St. Paul's that are new for me. I will catch on soon!

Have a wonderful Sunday,

Mr. Kirkham



Welcome to the Grade 7 Blog!


Hello and welcome to the Grade 7 Blog!

My name is Robert Kirkham, and likely your son/daughter has told you about a tall red-haired man who is their new teacher. Well, the rumours are absolutely true! I am thrilled to be a part of the St. Paul community and I look forward to a wonderful year with your children!

We will meet one another formally at Meet the Teacher night on September 19th. In the meantime, though, next week is quickly approaching in which the students will have their much-looked-forward-to Outdoor Education trip to Camp Elphinstone in beautiful Gibsons, BC! 

Mr. Kelly has done a fantastic job leading the way with communicating with you regarding camp. Please refer to the package of forms that was sent home on Tuesday with regards to what the students need to bring, and what time to be there on Tuesday morning. Another post will be made on Friday with further reminders. 

It is very important that students bring in their forms and money for camp as soon as possible.

Items of note for camp:

1. Permission form

2. Cheque for $85 made out to St. Paul Elementary School.

3. Medical form (if any medical needs/medication are necessary)

Should you have any further questions about camp or anything, please do not hesitate to email me at



  • Students have PE on Monday, Tuesday and Fridays. However, please note that TOMORROW, Thursday September 7th, there will be PE during the Music time slot in the afternoon. Also, this coming Monday, September 11th, there will be no PE as Outdoor Ed will provide more than enough physical activity.  
  • Please send gym shoes in a gym bag to keep in the locker for the school year. Students are expected to wear their gym strip under their uniform on PE days.

     Students have French on Tuesday and Thursdays.

     Students have Music on Thursdays.

     Please refer to the attached weekly schedule for Gr. 7 for what is going on academically in the class throughout the week. Please note that the schedule is subject to change.



  • It is that time of year for our Walkathon assembly! It will take place this Friday, September 8th at 9am in the school gym and everyone is welcome to attend. On this day, the Grade 7's will also receive their Grad Hoodies - yay!


Big birthday wishes this week to Victoria Leung (September 9th)!

     Have a wonderfull week and enjoy the smoke - oops - I mean sun!

      Mr. Kirkham