Grade 7

Bri-Skit Fundraiser Review and Thank Yous!

Hello, Grade 7 Parents,

Well, all I can say is, bravo!

What a wonderful event we had on Thursday. As you can see from the photos below, it truly was a celebration of the artistic talents of this class in music, drama, video making, painting, sculpting, model making and prop making. Bravo, Grade 7!

Specifically I would like give shout outs to the Grade 7s in…

Rock Band:

Gianna (drums/vocals), Isabella (Bass, Guitar), Isaac (violin, keyboards), Laird (Cello), Joshua (percussion), Justin (percussion), Caitlin (key boards), Mike (keyboards), Jaiden (keyboards), Prudence (keyboards, vocals), Alfred Aeng (Keyboard), Beatrice (vocals, violin), Jabyn (vocals), Noah (DJ)


Mr Beast Video – written and performed by Matias, Rai, Alex, Bayden, Diego (edited by Alex)

Master Chef Video – written and performed by Matias, Rai, Laird, Hendrix, Lucas, Sebastien, Connor (edited by Matias)

Perspectives Video – written and performed by Beatrice, Gianna, Brielle, Prudence, Gabi, Matias, Diego, Bayden, Noah (edited by Izzi and Amelia)


Jeopardy Skit – written and performed by Isabella, Noah, Joshua, Mike, Gianna, Bayden, Diego, Kenneth,

Sword in the Stone Skit – written by Gianna and performed by Matias, Prudence, Amaya, Lisa,  Isabella, Brielle

Crazy Composer Skit – written and performed by Caitlin, Connor, Jaiden, Isaac, Mike

Show Hosts – Matias, Brielle, Beatrice, Amaya, Gianna, Amelia, Prudence

Art Show Tour Guides – Caitlin, Prudence, Isaac, Mike, Jaiden, Amelia

Keychain Designs – Isabella, Gianna, Beatrice

Keychain Helpers – Caitlin, Izzi, (sorry if I missed anyone!)

Order Fulfillment Checkers – Amelia, Gabi, Kristie

Snack Menu Design – Isabella

Fundraiser Theme Music – Composed by Isaac

Listen here:

Show Poster Design – Lisa

Order Processing & Money Counting – Everyone!

If I made an error on the above lists or missed anyone or anything, I sincerely apologize!

Teacher Thanks: A huge thanks to Ms. Guevara for helping to prepare the Rock Band singers. Also, thank you to Mrs. Knoll and Ms. Meyer for helping out a great deal behind the scenes with orders and skit preparation.

Parent Thanks: Thank you to all the parents who donated/acquired gift cards, games, gifts and more to be given away at our raffle: Chiu family (McDonalds gift cards donated from Superstore), Ilumba family (Tim Hortons gift cards), Anonymous donation (Chatime, DQ, White Spot gift cards), Aeng family (cineplex movie + popcorn combo passes), Abanto family (gift packs, games), Ching family (laptop foldable table, puzzle), and Isabella Rivera (hand knitted plushy (two!). Thank you again to Annie Jim for picking up the menu order items, and Mrs. Chen for picking up the Kernels order.

Funds Raised:

After our expenses, our grand total raised was:


Amazing! Half will be donated to BC Children’s Hospital and half will go to the Turkey – Syria Earthquake Relief Fund (Red Cross Appeal).

Well done, Grade 7! Check out some photos of the event below:

Stay tuned for an email about Farewell + Passing of the Light Mass which takes on Tuesday June 20.

Have a great day!

Mr . Kirkham