Grade 6

Week of Dec. 7 – 11

Dear Grade 6 Families,

The children did a wonderful job filming their parts for the Christmas concert Twas the Night Avant Noël.

I am truly impressed with their artistic abilities as they completed their assignment on Salvation History. The detail that they put into their work demonstrated great love.

Their drawing of the advent candles to display in the library showed such beauty in the simplicity of their work.

This week the students got to choose a Country of their choice to research. See Google classroom for criteria.


  1. Read 30 minutes both quietly and aloud (fiction and non-fiction books)


  1. Complete pg. 98 Questions # 9 and #12: Decimals – due Monday


  1. Country Research assignment: work on your Introduction and History of your country. Due Monday. I will be checking your work. Frame all of your pictures by putting a colourful border around it and make sure all pictures are labelled.
  2. Keep track of your bibliography for pictures as well as your researched information. Follow the proper format for writing bibliographies.
  3. All information is written in your own words. It is not copied and pasted. You will be presenting your country to the class. Keep it simple.


  1. Come with the following supplies for Monday: one roll of white yarn, one piece of black foam, buttons (the range can be between 4 to 10), red ribbon for hat and scarf, 2 pieces of twigs for the arms.
  2. Bring some kind of shallow, plastic container for putting the glue inside – due Monday
  3. Line Art is due on Wednesday. Remember to erase all pencil lines.


Hampers of Hope – Dec. 7-11 (bring in a donation this week to help the people in our community)

Grade Six Advent Party – Thursday, Dec. 17

Dress Down Day and Last Day of School before Christmas break (noon dismissal) – Friday, Dec. 18

Please email us if you have any questions or concerns.


Mrs. Caprilli and Ms. Carroll &