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Week of October 7 – 11

Hello Grade One Families! I hope that you all are having a wonderful Sunday! Thank-you very much for remembering to send forks, spoons and chopsticks with your children on Friday for their hot lunch. [...]

Week of September 30 – October 4

Hello Grade One Families! Thank-you to everyone who was able to join us for the Walkathon yesterday and to those who were with us in spirit! The children did a fantastic job of completing the walk to [...]

Week of September 23 – 27

Hello Grade One Families! I hope that you all had a great weekend! Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn and the weather is certainly showing it! Please make sure that your child has a jacket at school [...]

Week of September 16 – 20

Hello Grade One Families! Our first full week of Grade One is over! The Grade One students have fully integrated themselves into the “big school” now and are confidently following the new [...]

Week of September 9 – 13

Hello Grade One Families! It was such a pleasure to meet all of the new Grade One students last week! They certainly worked hard all week to learn new routines and become accustomed to the “big [...]

Welcome to a New School Year!

Hello Grade One Families! Welcome to a new school year! I hope that you all had a wonderful summer making memories that you will cherish for years to come. This year it will be a pleasure to welcome [...]

Week of June 24 – 27

Hello Grade One Families! Well, it has happened…we have come to the last week of school! It was such a great day yesterday for our school Fun Day! Everyone participated and although every [...]
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Weekly Sharing Assignment

Each week students will have the opportunity to share something special from home. It can be a toy, a treasure, something they have made, a photo of something from home (such as a bike) or a special event. After your child has chosen what they will share, they will write four sentences about it in […]

Home Reading

The home reading program in Grade One is set-up so that students can work at their own level and pace. Based on “reading meetings” with class staff, students are assigned a level and may choose from a variety of books within that level. As they demonstrate progress and readiness, they proceed through the levels. Instructions […]

Homeroom Parent

I would like to thank Mrs. Tinsay for taking on the job of Grade One homeroom parent this year! She will be helping me with some preparation and organization of events throughout this school year. We will be reaching out for help from volunteers at various times this year and look forward to your support […]


Students are expected to wear their full school uniform everyday unless we have a planned non-uniform day (which will be on the school calendar and class blog). The uniform policy is in the Parent Handbook which can be accessed on the school website. Please remember that hair accessories must match the uniform. I cannot emphasize […]

Drop-off and Pick-Up

Please follow the instructions you receive from Mrs. Moorehead regarding parking, drop-off and pick-up. It is very important that your child knows who is picking them up and where that person will be waiting. All students in Grade One are dismissed to the covered area after school unless you are notified otherwise.

Absentee Days

Your child may need to miss school due to illness, appointments or family commitments. Please e-mail Mrs. Ong and Mrs. Kelly to let them know that your child will not be attending school. If your child will be missing more than one week of school due to a family vacation, you must also include Mrs. […]

Specialist Schedules

We have the privilege at St. Paul School to have several specialist teachers working with the students. The Grade One specialist subjects are as follows:   PE with Mr Kelly: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday Any changes to the above schedule will be noted on the blog and/or in the student agenda books. Students wear […]

Let’s Meet the Staff!

Your child will have many stories to tell about school I am sure! Here are some of the names you may hear: Mrs. Moorehead – Principal Mrs. Jew – Vice Principal Mrs. Kelly – Classroom teacher Mrs. Schell–  Education Assistant working in Grade 1 Mrs. Workman –  Education Assistant working in Grade 1 Mr. Kelly […]