Grade 6

June 14th – 18th

Dear Grade Six Families,

Many thanks to our St. Paul families for your generosity during our Family Walkathon Fundraiser! As a school community we raised $67, 176.00 and the Grade 6’s brought in $9, 639.50 of that amount. Way to go Grade Six!! This was the most money brought in by one class, therefore, the students will be enjoying individual pizzas from Pizza Hut on Friday. The money raised will go towards upgrading our technology. Every classroom will have new Smart Boards installed over the summer holidays.

This past Tuesday, we said goodbye to our gentle warrior, Justice Guno as we celebrated his life during his funeral Mass. May he rest in peace. Please continue to keep the Guno family in your prayers.


  1. Read 30 minutes both quietly and aloud (fiction and non-fiction)


  1. Practice your multiplication tables – 5 -10 minutes everyday


  1. Le Festival du Voyageur – réponds aux questions #1-8; à remettre lundi


  1. How to Slow Down a Toy Car – good copy to be submitted on Google classroom


  1. Complete a draft on both questions for Monday. You will peer-edit each other’s work on Monday.
  2. Question #1: Do Canadian consumers have a responsibility to workers in other countries that make their clothing?
  3. Question #2: How can we balance the wish to have affordable and fashionable clothes with the desire for ethical and fair labour practices?
  4. Use your notes that we discussed in class and keep track of websites used.


  1. Pop Art draft due Thursday


Tuesday, June 15th – Encore Fundraiser Presentation – snacks provided for those who ordered (students may come in play clothes)

Wednesday, June 16th – Sacrament of Confirmation for the Grade Seven class (keep them in your prayers)

Thursday, June 17th – White Spot Hot Lunch (for those who ordered)

Friday, June 18th – Pizza Hut Lunch

Monday, June 21st – Play Day for Grade Six 1:00 – 2:30 (students may come in play clothes)

Friday, June 25th – Grade Six Confession

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Please email us if you have any questions or concerns.


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