Grade 6

Feb. 21-Feb. 25

Dear parents,

Hope you had a great Family Day weekend!

We have been moving through “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”, and practicing using this book to answer reading comprehension questions with (answering questions by looking for evidence in the text). We are five chapters away from the end of the book and soon our students will be writing their own stories.

The students have been thinking about a sacrifice to make for Lent as well as a good habit or practice to “take up” to unite themselves closer to Jesus during the Lenten season. Feel free to ask them about what they are thinking of doing.

Recent current events have been very relevant to our studies of international affairs, particularly the United Nations and NATO. We prayed to St. Michael the Archangel this week, the patron saint of Kiev, Ukraine, to intercede for peace and protection of the Ukrainian people.

Next week, after Ash Wednesday, our school is invited to attend Mass everyday at 8:15.

Our class will be responsible for assisting with roles at Mass from Mar. 7-Mar. 11. We have student volunteers from our Mass to help out with this and jobs have been assigned. You can take a look at the schedule under a new section, “Assisting at Mass” that I have added. If you know for sure that your child won’t be attending Mass that day and can’t help out, please have them let me know and I will find someone else.

If you’re still looking for more book titles to encourage your child to read, I have created a book checklist under the topic “Reading At Home.” You and your children are welcome to use this as a way to encourage more reading at home.

Have a great weekend!

Mr. Graham