Grade 6

April 25-April 29

Dear parents,

This week in math, we examined the relationship between fractions, decimals, and ratios. We also did a science experiment outside that was focused on answering the question-Do heavier objects fall faster? We’ve begun to come to the end of our social studies unit examining Canada’s relationship with the world. As a class, students were asked to brainstorm together the positive and negative consequences of Canada choosing to leave a variety of international organizations such as the UN, NATO, and NORAD. I was very impressed by their answers!

A few reminders

  • As Ms. Moorehead emailed about this week, online delivery of “Sexuality and Your Child” will begin next week. Each week, for three weeks, I will post an ungraded Google Classroom assignment with the name of the week’s video. Once you have completed the video/discussion questions with your child/children each week at home and instructed your child to do so, your child can mark “Submit” on the week’s assignment to show they have done it with you. This is NOT for grades, but just to ensure completion of the program. If your child hasn’t clicked “Submit” to indicate completion by the end of the week, I will be following up with you by email to ensure it is completed. Thanks for your help in this!
  • Finally, if you are able to donate any tissue boxes to the class for the last two months of school, we’d greatly appreciate it as we have run out!

Have a great weekend!


Mr. Graham