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Week of Nov 2 – 6

Dear Grade 6 Families, It was wonderful to see so much excitement from the students, staff and all of our St. Paul community families yesterday as we celebrated Halloween. It was a day of laughter [...]

Week of Oct. 26 – 30

Dear Grade Six Families, It was wonderful meeting with with you over the past two days. It is nice to be able to meet face to face and have that one on one connection with you. Having open [...]

Week of Oct. 19-23

Dear Grade Six Families, Even though it has been a short week, it certainly has been a busy week. The students have worked on peer-editing their expository essay on Residential Schools and I am [...]

Week of Oct. 13 – 16

Dear Grade 6 Families, In this week’s blog, the students are seen wearing their D.A.R.E. t-shirts while holding their D.A.R.E. certificates. They were so excited to receive these items from Ms. [...]

Week of Oct. 5 – Oct. 9

Dear Grade Six Families, In the picture posted on our blog this week, you will see the children holding an orange ribbon with the Canada flag in the center. The orange is symbolic of orange shirt day [...]

Week of Sept.28 – Oct. 2

Dear Grade Six Families, As the students completed their homework schedule this week, we like that they are continuing with their extra-curricular activities. However, reading chapter books also [...]

Week of Sept. 21-25

Dear Grade Six Families, We are very pleased with how well the students are adhering to their new routines. Homework for this weekend includes: LANGUAGE ARTS: Read 30 minutes both quietly and aloud, [...]

Week of Sept. 14-18

Dear Grade Six Families, It has been an absolute joy seeing the children come back to school with a smile their face, an eagerness to learn and to be reunited with their classmates again. The [...]