Grade 1

Week of Jan 30th

Hello Grade One Families!

This week at school the children were very excited to find out that we will be leading assembly (with our grade 5 buddies) AND mass, on February 8th and February 9th. Thank you so much to all of our students who volunteered to participate at mass and assembly. We have sent home their parts so they have lots of time to practice between now and then. 

On Wednesday of this week, we Celebrated St. Paul’s Feast Day as a school community. It was a real celebration and we really enjoyed having the gym full of the student’s family members.A special thanks to the Saint Patrick’s Choir who came and performed for the school. 

A reminder that on Friday the CSL reports are sent home. Please read through the report carefully and discuss with your child some goals they have set for themselves this school year. 


Here are some notes for the upcoming week: 

Word Study Unit: ng /ng/

Student of the Week: Oliver L.

Open Parachute Unit (at School): Friendship Challenges

Open Parachute Unit (at Home): Social Media & Self-Esteem



  • Please return home reading folders (if forgotten on Friday)
  • PE with Mr. Kelly
  • French with Mme. Caprilli


  • Music with Mr. Kelly today
  • New Parent Information Session (7pm)


  • P.E. with Mr. Kelly
  • Assembly Gr 4 and 2


  • French with Madame Caprilli
  • Gr.3 Mass
  • Library today ~ please be sure to return any overdue library books before today


  • P.E. with Mr Kelly
  • Fukuroku Hot Lunch
  • CSL Reports go home


Upcoming Dates:

  • New Parent Information Evening – Tuesday, Jan. 31st.  7:00 in the gym.  Do you know anyone who is interested in sending their child to our school next year?  This evening is for parents to find out more about our Kindergarten program, our school,  and to pick up an application package.  Spread the word!
  • Re-registration for 2023-2024Submission on Wednesday, Feb. 1st.   If you only have 1 child returning to Grade 6 or 7 in Sept. 2023, you can submit your re-registration requirements on Tuesday, Jan. 31st.
  • CSL (Communicating Student Learning) Progress Reports – Will be sent home next Friday, Feb. 3rd.
  • School Assembly – Wed. Feb. 8th.  1:15 pm.  Gr. 5 & 1 to lead.
  • School Mass –   Thursday, Feb. 9th at 9:15 AM.  Gr. 1 to lead.  
  • Hot Lunch Serving – Thursday Feb. 9rd.  White Spot.


Please email us at and, or write a note in your child’s agenda if you have any questions or concerns. 

Mrs. Dos Santos & Ms. Carroll 🙂