From the Principal

Most Holy Days

At sundown tonight we begin the Easter Triduum, which is the three day celebration of the Paschal Mystery: the Passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  On Holy Thursday, Jesus gives himself to us as food, and through the washing of feet, demonstrates for us the need to serve others.  Jesus’ death on the cross on Good Friday allows us to reflect on the perpetual love He showed us, and in turn, show the same love to one another.  In His death Jesus frees us from sin; in His resurrection he opens for us the way to a new life.

These are the most important and sacred days of our faith. We must remember the building blocks of our sacred temple that Father Smith and Father Felix built for us all through Lent: Jesus is the foundation; the pillars of the Creed, Christian living and prayer, and the Mass; the Saints who make up the strong walls; Mother Mary is the doorway in; the theological virtues that make up the roof; and we must always keep the windows open to let in the light of Christ.

We have cherished being able to share your child’s Lenten journey with them, and we wish all our families a most blessed and joyous Easter.

Yours in faith,


Maureen Moorehead