From the Principal

Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving

Dear Parents,

Yesterday we began the season of Lent with our Ash Wednesday service in the church.  The service was particularly meaningful as we were able to gather together with the parish community (while still respecting the 50% capacity limit!) to receive ashes, worship, and reflect. Father Smith talked about the importance of receiving God’s love, and absorbing it with “hearts of sponge” rather than hearts of stone.  Then, in this morning’s Mass, Father Smith went further to introduce his theme for Lent of “building the house of God”, and how the first and most important thing to building a house is the foundation – which is Jesus.

It was wonderful to see such a great student turnout for the first morning of our Lenten Masses today.  For those that didn’t make it, we hope that you will make this part of your morning routine for the duration of Lent.  As a parent of three children myself, I know what it takes to get the family out the door on time in the morning.  Mine are young adults now, but those memories of taking them all to work with me at Sacred Heart are not too far off. The wonderful showing of students this morning tells me that St. Paul School is a community whose spirituality is of vital importance, and whose parents can pride themselves in making their family faith life a priority.

The staff of St. Paul’s looks forward to making this Lenten journey with your children.

Yours in faith,


Maureen Moorehead