From the Principal

In Anticipation of Holy Week

The Lenten Season started on Ash Wednesday with all of our students receiving their ashes.  As the season comes closer to its end, we should be discussing with our children, at school and at home, four very important days – Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Holy Week is upon us next week, and as parents we took on the responsibility to support our children’s faith journey at the time of their baptism.  Sending your children to a Catholic school is one way to support their growth in the knowledge of their faith, but it is you, the parents, who are the primary educators of your children, especially in their faith.  These four important days are ones our children should know – why they happened and why we continue to celebrate the Easter Season. Under the guidance of Father Smith and Father Felix in our daily masses, as well as with the teachers in the classroom, the children have enjoyed making their Lenten journey and building the temple of God within their hearts.

Together, the school, the families, and the church are one trinity working together to ensure we honour our baptismal promise and secure a place in Heaven for our children.

Wishing all our families a blessed Holy Week.

Yours in faith,


Maureen Moorehead.