From the Principal

Advent Fills Us With Hope

This Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent. Having spent most of my teaching career in a primary classroom, I found Advent to be the most joyous liturgical season to share with children.  With a busy calendar full of family, personal, and professional obligations each December, it is very easy to become distracted, and ultimately off course, with what is meant to be a time of patient waiting and preparation. Sharing and celebrating Advent with young children allows the frenetic pace to subside, and our hearts to be filled with the true spirit of the liturgical season.  Each Sunday of Advent provides a different focus to help centre us and keep us focused on the message of the Advent season; we look forward to welcoming this beautiful message with wide-open hearts.

The staff of St. Paul School wishes all our families the same opportunity to find joy in preparing for the celebration of His birth, and anticipation of His return.

Be ready and watchful, for the light of the world has come, and will surely come again. 

Yours in faith,


Maureen Moorehead