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September 14th-18th

Welcome to Kindergarten at St. Paul School!

What a wonderful first week of Kindergarten! It has been such a blessing getting to know your children this week. In the first week of Gradual Entry, the children met their new friends, explored their new classroom, and learned how to play safely on the playground! We look forward to the second week of Gradual Entry together, where the children will get to know their friends even better and begin to familiarize themselves with classroom and school routines.

This year we are pleased to have the opportunity to further explore the curriculum with you and your children. Our primary goal is to promote growth and development in the spiritual, intellectual, physical, artistic, and social/emotional areas of learning. The purpose of this blog is to keep you informed about what is happening in our classroom and around the school. It was wonderful to meet all of your children and we look forward to a wonderful school year together!

This week at a glance:


  • Group B: 9:15-11:15
  • Group A: 12:30-2:30


  • Group B: 9:15-11:15
  • Group A: 12:30-2:30


  • Group B: 9:15-11:15


  • Group B: 9:15-11:15
  • Group A: 12:30-2:30


  • Group B: 9:15-11:15
  • Group A: 12:30-2:30


General Information:

  • Pick-Up and Drop-Off- For gradual entry, pick-up and drop-off will continue to be at the ramp leading to the Kindergarten door. This is for the safety of the Kindergarten students. Also, please remember to cross at the crosswalk. Once gradual entry is over, regular pick-up and drop-off procedures will begin. See Ms. Moorehead’s email for more information.
  • Absentee Notes– If your child is sick or absent, please send a note in your child’s Homework Folder when they return to school with the date(s) of their absence and an explanation of why your child was away OR you can email your absentee notice directly to both classroom teachers AND the office at
  • Blog– Please check the Kindergarten Blog and school webpage often for important information and updates.
  • Class Dojo- Electronic invitations have been sent to join our Kindergarten 2020-2021 Class Dojo, a communication app where we will be posting photos and messages throughout the school year of your child’s classroom experiences. Please accept our invitation so you can share in your child’s learning!


  • Snack-Please send a nutritious snack (such as fruit or vegetables) as well as a reusable water bottle (please do NOT pack juice boxes) in your child’s lunch bag. Anything sent to school, will be sent back home to be recycled. Please also ensure that your child can open any containers you send and that everything is labeled.
  • Allergies– Please ensure that your child’s food is nut-free as we do have children with severe allergies at our school.
  • Birthday Treats– Because we’re not allowed to share treats in class at this time, birthday treats cannot be brought from home to be given to classmates, even if they are not food (i.e. goodie bags).


  • School Shoes– After gradual entry, please ensure that your child’s school shoes are either all-black dress shoes or all-black runners (including soles and logos- no white please!).
  • PE Runners– Please note that if your child wears all-black runners (including black soles and logos) in class, they will NOT need to change into another pair of runners for PE. However, if your child wears all-black dress shoes in class, they will need to change into a pair of runners for PE (which will stay at school and can be any colour).
  • Masks– The school has purchased two reusable masks for your child which have been sent home today. Please wash both masks before use and label them permanently with your child’s name. Send ONE mask back to school on Monday to keep as a spare in the classroom.


  • Supplies– All Staples School Supply orders have been sent home to be labelled and are to be brought back to school by Friday, September 18th. Please be assured that these supplies will be used individually and not shared amongst peers.
  • Drawstring Bag– This cloth bag was given out on the first day of school. Please label and decorate your child’s bag and return it to school by Friday, September 18th so it can be used in the classroom.
  • Backpack- After gradual entry, please ensure that your child’s backpack is large enough to fit their homework folder. They cannot have mini backpacks as they will need to bring their folder to and from school every day.

Items Needed for September:

  • Proper backpack (must be big enough to fit their homework folder; please no ‘rolly’ backpacks)
  • Homework folder (found at Dollarama, Staples, etc. for notices & duo-tangs)
  • Lunch Bag
  • Water bottle
  • Rain boots (to stay at school)
  • Rain jacket (to stay at school)
  • PE Runners* (to stay at school if your child will be wearing all-black dress shoes)
  • Drawstring Bag (to stay at school; to be labelled and decorated and sent back to school)
  • Extra change of clothes (to stay at school- please make sure to include socks and underwear in a large freezer ziplock bag)
  • 16″ x 20″ White Canvas (for a yearlong art project- found at Dollarama, Michaels, etc.)
  • 4”x 6” family photo in a frame (for our classroom)
  • 4”x 6” photo of your child—no frame (for the school’s birthday wall)
  • A box of tissues and small hand sanitizer (to stay at school for personal use)

Samples of all the items will be available in the Kindergarten classroom. Please have all items at school by Friday, September 18th. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please e-mail us at and (please remember to email both of us!)

With love,

Miss Wu & Mrs. D