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October 26th-30th

This week, Kindergarten discussed how they could Walk with Jesus by being kind to others. They shared meaningful ways they could use their superpower of Kindness at school and at home and are showing a good understanding of our Archdiocesan theme! It was also nice seeing all of you at the Parent-Teacher Conferences yesterday and today to celebrate your child’s learning in the first term of Kindergarten. Thank you for being so actively involved in your child’s education!

This Week at a Glance:

Letter of the Week: M

Student of the week: Linden

Show & Tell Theme: My Favourite Toy


Show & Tell: Aria

  • PE today
  • French today
  • Library today ~ please return any library books that were not yet brought back as the children will be bringing home a new book today


Show & Tell: Geoffrey

  • PE today
  • Music today


Show & Tell: Charlene

  • Kindergarten Mass @ 9:15 ~ please wear full uniform (only students permitted)
  • PE today
  • Early Dismissal @ 2:00


Show & Tell: Vivienne

  • PE today
  • Music today


Show & Tell: Alejandro

  • Halloween Dress Down Day (please see the Thursday Letter for guidelines)
    • Bring a $2 donation for our school’s foster child in Africa
  • Kindergarten Halloween Celebration
    • Treats & Goodies to share- Due to Covid-19, NO treats or goodies are allowed to be sent to school to share with other students.
    • Treats & Goodies for your child- Parents are allowed to send a treat or goodie bag for your child to have on Halloween. They will be able to eat their own snacks in class during our Halloween Celebration.
  • Interim Reports sent home


  1. 10 to 15 minutes of home reading (please use “My Reading” book, “My Read Well” book, online reading programs, library books, or books from home)
  2. Kindergarten Pumpkin Patch- While we cannot go on field trips at this time, we are bringing the Pumpkin Patch to Kindergarten! Please send a large reusable bag to school with your child on Monday, and they will be returned by the end of the week.
  3. Apple Tasting– Have an apple taste test (red, green, and yellow apples) at home with your child! Then, discuss how each one tastes and complete the “I Taste” sheet found in their homework folder (My Reading book). Please check your email for more information and return the sheet by Friday. Thank you to those who have already completed this activity!
  4. Read Well Record Pages– If you notice that your child has not finished the back of their Letter Record page in class, please brainstorm with them three words that begin with that letter. Then, have them write down the three words on the dotted lines and draw their corresponding pictures in the blank box.

Friendly Reminders:

  1. Homework folders– These will continue to be sent home every day. Please check the folders daily and send them back to school every day as your child is expected to hand them in each morning.
  2. My Reading” book– This will be sent home every day. Please continue 10 to 15 minutes of daily reading with your child and place this book inside your child’s homework folder every day.
  3. My Read Well” book–This book contains all of your children’s work in our Language Arts Program “Read Well.” Please review the letter of the week and use the “Parent Prompt” questions (found on the bottom of the page) with your child.
  4. Birthday Celebrations–  A reminder that birthday celebrations (treats, give-aways and gifts) are NOT permitted until further notice.

Upcoming Dates:

  1. Friday, November 6th– Fukuroku Hot Lunch (for those who ordered)

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

With love,

Miss Wu & Mrs. D &