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November 30th-December 4th

This week, Kindergarten celebrated Christ the King! The children learned that Jesus is not only the ruler of their hearts but everyone’s hearts and that he watches over the entire universe. We were also fortunate to have Father Joseph visit our classroom this week to bless our Advent wreath! Now, as we enter this new liturgical season, the students will begin preparing their hearts for the coming of our Saviour’s birth and will come to understand the true meaning of Christmas.

This Week at a Glance: 

Letter of the Week: Letter Review (A, E, H, K, M, R, S, W, Z)

Student of the week: Max

Show & Tell Theme: My Favourite Stuffed Animal


Show & Tell: Zoie

  • PE today
  • French today
  • Library today ~ please return any library books that were not yet brought back as the children will be bringing home a new book today


Show & Tell: Mila

  • PE today
  • Music today


Show & Tell: Nora

  • PE today
  • Early Dismissal @ 2:00


Show & Tell: Ellie

  • Kindergarten’s Pyjama Party and Advent Celebration! (please see below for more details)
  • Christmas Concert filming today
  • Ornament and Stocking due today
  • PE today
  • Music today


Show & Tell: Mathis

  • Fukuroku Hot Lunch (for those who ordered)
    • Please remember to bring your own cutlery!
  • ADST today
  • Nature Walk today


  1. 10 to 15 minutes of home reading (please use “My Reading” book, “My Read Well” book, online reading programs, library books, or books from home)
  2. Read Well Record Pages– If you notice that your child has not finished the back of their Letter Record page in class, please brainstorm with them three words that begin with that letter. Then, have them write down the three words on the dotted lines and draw their corresponding pictures in the blank box.

Friendly Reminders:

  1. Homework folders– These will continue to be sent home every day. Please check the folders daily and send them back to school every day as your child is expected to hand them in each morning.
  2. My Reading” book– This will be sent home every day. Please continue 10 to 15 minutes of daily reading with your child and place this book inside your child’s homework folder every day.
  3. My Read Well” book–This book contains all of your children’s work in our Language Arts Program “Read Well.” Please review the letter of the week and use the “Parent Prompt” questions (found on the bottom of the page) with your child.

Christmas in Kindergarten:

  1. Christmas Ornament
    • Please help your child select their favourite ornament to bring into class by Thursday (please ensure it is not breakable).
    • We will be decorating our class Christmas tree with these ornaments while also using this opportunity to have the children practice their presentation skills.
    • Similar to Show and Tell, they will pick 3 things to share about their ornament (Ex. it is red, it has a bow, and it is soft, etc.) and then they will answer 3 questions from their friends.
    • Ornaments will be sent back home on the last day of class (Friday, Dec. 18)
  1. Christmas Stocking
    • Please send your child’s Christmas stocking to the classroom by Thursday.
    • We will use them to decorate the classroom for our Christmas concert filming. Please be assured that stockings will be hung high enough and out of the children’s reach, so they will not be touched by anyone except by your children.
    • Stockings will be sent home on the last day of class (Friday, Dec. 18)
  1. Kindergarten Advent Celebration
    • Kindergarten’s Advent Party will take place this coming Thursday.
      • The students will celebrate with Christmas-themed activities, an individually packed lunch, and a Christmas movie!
    • Special thanks to our homeroom parents, Mrs. Castillo and Mrs. Yun, for organizing this event!
  1. Pyjama Day
    • Kindergarten will be having a Pyjama Day this coming Thursday (same day as our class Advent party)!
    • As the weather is quite cold, please ensure they have their shoulders and legs covered.
    • Children are welcome to bring a stuffed animal!
  1. Christmas Concert
    • A virtual Christmas Concert will sent home for all families to enjoy together during the last week before Christmas Break.
    • Costumes for Kindergarten’s song will be Christmas Pyjamas, and filming will take place on Thursday during Pyjama Day!
  1. Christmas Treat
    • Unfortunately, because of COVID, no treats are allowed to be sent to school to share with your child’s classmates for Christmas.
    • Each of your children will be going home with a gift from their teachers, as well as a treat from the class (prepared by our homeroom parents).

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

With love,

Miss Wu & Mrs. Dos Santos &