/January 14th-18th


January 14th-18th

We had a great first week back! The children were so excited to see all their friends again and to share what they did over the holidays. We started off the week by reviewing letters of the alphabet and the class did a fantastic job creating their own letters out of nature during our first Nature Walk of 2019!

This week at a glance:

Letter of the week: N

Number of the week: 4

Student of the week: Valerie

Show & Tell Theme: My Favourite Stuffed Animal 


Show & Tell: Sofia

  • Hot Lunch today
  • PE today
  • French today
  • Library today ~ please return any library books that were not yet brought back as the children will be bringing home a new book today


Show & Tell: Teo

  • PE today
  • Music today
  • Nature Walk today


Show & Tell: Tali

  • St. Paul Feast Day Hot Lunch order form due today
  • PE today
  • Early Dismissal @ 2:00


  • PE today
  • Music today
  • Pizza Party for Emma’s birthday
    • If your child does not eat pizza, please have them bring their own lunch


  • Library and Museum Tour field trip consent form due today
  • St. Paul Feast Day attendance form due today
  • Assembly led by Grades 5 & 2 ~ please join us!


  1. 10 to 15 minutes of home reading (please use “My Reading” book, “Read-Well” book, and books from home)
  2. “Our Father” prayer – A copy of The Lord’s Prayer can be found in your child’s Reading book. Please practice this prayer every night with your child as we have begun incorporating it into our Morning Prayer routine
  3. We ask that within the next week, you and your child have a conversation about Baptism and their own Baptism– where it happened, who was there, who their Godparents are, who baptized them, etc. (see email for more details)
  4. Fun Friends- Session 7 (this book can stay at home but please remember to review some activities in the assigned session with your child)

Friendly Reminders:

  1. Quiet Time blankets/towels- We had sent their blankets/towels home to be washed over the break. Please send them back with your child to use for our Quiet Time.
  2. St. Paul Feast Day Hot Lunch Order- If you would like to order Dairy Queen Hot Lunch for St. Paul’s Feast Day please hand in forms and cheques by Wednesday, January 16thPlease refer to the email sent from the Office for more information.
  3. St. Paul Feast Day- Please return the beige form by Friday, January 18th to let us know whether or not you are able to join us for the luncheon on Friday, January 25th.
  4. Brighouse Library-Richmond Museum Field Trip- We are going to the Brighouse Library and the Richmond Museum on Thursday, January 24th! Please return completed consent forms and the optional library application forms by Friday, January 18th
  5. In continuation with our Family Traditions unit, we ask that each student bring in one memento from their own baptism (i.e. photo, candle, certificate etc.) to share with the class. Please place the item in a bag, labelled with your child’s name and have it brought in by Friday, January 18th (please see email for more details).
  6. As this Christmas season officially comes to an end this Sunday, we will return all students’ Christmas ornaments on Monday. Thank you for bringing them in to help us decorate our classroom Christmas tree!

January Items:

  1. Winter Wear– Winter has come into full swing! Kindergarten is “Every day ready” and we go out regardless of the weather. Please ensure your child comes to school with a thick jacket, scarves, boots, mittens/gloves and toques to wear while outside. Without the proper attire, we unfortunately cannot let them go out to play.
  2. Tissue Box– Please continue to send an unopened box of tissues to share with the class. Please put your child’s name on it so we know who to thank for the tissues!

Upcoming Dates:

  1. Thursday, January 24th– Brighouse Library-Richmond Museum Field Trip
  2. Friday, January 25th– St. Paul Feast Day
  3. Monday, January 28th– Professional Development Day (No School)

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

With love,

Miss Costales & Miss Wu

kcostales@stpaulschool.ca & jwu@stpaulschool.ca