/April 6th-10th


April 6th-10th

Hi Kindergarten Families! This week, Mrs. Dos Santos and I created an education plan for Kindergarten, striving to create a quality continuity-of-learning strategy that would best support your children’s academic and social-emotional growth. We would like to thank you for your patience and your time spent diligently reading through all the emails that have been coming your way. We look forward to rolling out our new Remote Learning Program on Monday and embarking on this journey with you!

This week at a glance: (please see below for more details on these activities)

Letter of the week: O

Circle Time Dress-Up Theme: School Uniform

Circle Time Question: What are You Thankful for?

Student of the week: Ynno

Show & Tell Theme: My Favourite Game (i.e. card game, board game, etc.)

  • Show & Tell Students: Aiyla and Nora


Circle Time

Kindergarten will be having weekly Circle Time every Thursday morning from 9:00-10:00 on Zoom. This gives us an opportunity to check in with each other and our hope is that this will help create a remote-learning community! Every week there will be a dress-up theme that your child is encouraged to wear and a question that your child is asked to answer for Thursday.

Show & Tell

Every Thursday morning at 9:00, students are invited to join us for Show & Tell on Zoom, as part of our Circle Time! If it’s your child’s turn to Show & Tell, please help them pick an item from home that fits within our theme of the week and have it ready for Thursday morning. They will tell their class 3 hints about their Show & Tell and take 3 guesses from their friends, all online! There will also be an opportunity for questions and answers!

Student of the Week

If you are the Student of the Week, please complete your “All About Me” poster sheet. Once completed, please take a picture of the poster and email it to the classroom teachers. We will post this picture onto Class Dojo  so that your classmates can ask you questions on Class Dojo via the comment section. Please see Class Dojo stories if you would like a sample of how the pictures usually look. You are also welcome to have your child in the picture with their poster!

Our Student of the Week would usually have the opportunity to also spend a week with Fin. However, because Fin is taking a bath right now, this activity has been suspended for the time being. We will try our best to figure out the logistics of drop off/pick up for our next Student of the Week. Please bear with us (ahem, I mean “Please whale with us!”)

Typically, our Student of the Week would present both their poster and Week with Fin to the class. Since we are unable to do that in person at this time, we will try it digitally! Please take a video of your child presenting their poster and another video of their Week with Fin.

‘All About Me’ Poster video:

Step 1: Child will show their poster and say 3 things about him/her.

Step 2: Child will ask if anyone has any questions.

Step 3: Teacher will upload video onto Class Dojo

Step 4: Questions from classmates will be posted in the comments section

Week with Fin video (postponed until further notice):

Step 1: Child will read about their Week with Fin and show what they did with Fin.

Step 2: Child will ask if anyone has any questions.

Step 3: Teacher will upload video onto Class Dojo

Step 4: Questions from classmates will be posted in the comments section

Special thank you to Alvin, for being our first Remote Learning Student of the Week and doing such a wonderful job!


  1. 10 to 15 minutes of reading
  2. Fun Friends- Please work on Session 7 and discuss “Goal Setting” with your child.
  3. Lenten Journey- As we near the end of our Lenten Journey, please remember to colour in one box for each day of Holy Week, this week.

Friendly Reminders:

  1. Zoom Meeting: Thank you to those who have signed up to Zoom with us on Monday! If you haven’t yet signed up and would still like to meet, please let us know by Sunday @ noon so that we can confirm our schedule. We look forward to seeing everyone at our Zoom meetings!
  2. Class Dojo and Website: As learning opportunities will begin on Monday, we kindly remind you to check Class Dojo and our Class Website throughout the week. Both platforms will be used to communicate daily activities and theme explorations. More information regarding our classroom website will be emailed to you on Monday morning. Stay tuned!

Upcoming Dates:

  1. Sunday, April 5th- Palm Sunday
  2. Thursday, April 9th- Holy Thursday
  3. Friday, April 10th-  Good Friday (No Classes)
  4. Saturday, April 11th- Holy Saturday
  5. Sunday, April 12th- Easter Sunday!
  6. Monday, April 13th– Easter Monday (No Classes)

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

With love,

Miss Wu & Mrs. Dos Santos

jwu@stpaulschool.ca & kdossantos@stpaulschool.ca


St. Paul School COVID-19 Safety Plan. Please click here to learn more.