/Weekly update – October 19, 2018

Grade 6

Weekly update – October 19, 2018

Hello Grade 6 Families;

What a great reveal today as Mrs. Moorehead shared with the school community our grand finale for the Walkathon. It is: $64 527.80. Thank you to all the children, parents, extended family members and friends who contributed to making the students’ learning at St. Paul school the best that it can be. You are all so very generous. The grade 2 and 7 classes will enjoy their pizza party.

Homework for this weekend includes:


  1. Read everyday for 30 minutes both quietly and out loud
  2. Practice script for play auditions on Monday at 7:45am


  1. Review your work for Monday


  1. Memorize La Comptine des Amis for Tuesday


  1. Type out parts of your Scientific Inquiry for your Extreme Environment assignment up to procedure for Monday. Categories are in bold. Type using Tahoma, 12 point. Final copy is due on Thursday, Oct.25


  1. Continue doing a little bit of research on Residential schools. Keep track of where you are finding your information. Go to the library for books on the topic.


  1. Thank you trees are due on Wednesday


  1. Volleyball Parent Night is this evening from 6-10pm
  2. Hot lunch orders are due Monday, October 22
  3. Scholastic book orders are due Monday, October 22
  4. Photo orders are due Monday, October 22
  5. Photo retakes are Tuesday, November 13
  6. Mass is November 1st @11am. Please join us if you can.

Enjoy the fabulous weekend!

Mrs. Caprilli