/Weekly reminder – Friday, January 24, 2020

Grade 6

Weekly reminder – Friday, January 24, 2020

Dear Gr. 6 Families,

We had a busy few days with all sorts of fun and various activities that happened throughout the week; such as skiing at Grouse Mountain and listening to some beautiful music from the Richmond Orchestra and Chorus Assembly. Also, what a great day today for our school community today as we celebrated St. Paul’s Feast Day. We had a beautiful mass with Father Gio, sharing of food with our families and a fun time playing BINGO.

Homework for this weekend includes:


  1. Read 30 minutes everyday both silently and aloud


  1. Classifions – cahier pg. 10-11 (due Monday)


  1. Quiz next week – review your work
  2. Homework pg.141 Questions 1 and 2 – due Monday


  1. Quiz on Monday – be ready


  1. Hot Lunch – Monday, January 27
  2. Skiing at Grouse Mountain – Thursday, January 30
  3. Dress Down Day – Friday, January 31 (Star Wars Day)
  4. Basketball schedule – see PE blog

Enjoy the weekend!

Mrs. Caprilli and Ms. Carroll

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