/Week of Feb. 17-21, 2020

Grade 6

Week of Feb. 17-21, 2020

Dear Grade 6 Families,

The children were very curious about our guest speaker Tracy, as she shared her incredible story of doing things that we do on a daily basis with the aid of her prosthetic legs and wrist band who she calls Trevor.  She believes that God made her exactly the way that she was meant to be. What an inspiration Tracy is for all of us. She shared her enjoyment of skiing, swimming, cycling and sailing. She is truly unstoppable!

We wish all families a wonderful weekend as it is a great opportunity to do things together, particularly on Family day.

Homework for this weekend includes:


  1. Read 30 minutes both quietly and aloud
  2. Read Iqbal Chapter 4 for Tuesday
  3. Read Iqbal Chapter 5 for Friday
  4. Smart Goal – due Friday


  1. Google Class worksheet on area – due Tuesday


  1. Sign Les Talents for Tuesday


  1. Draft – First Nations Principles of Good Governance – due Tuesday (3 or more sentences per category). Include a sketch for each of your 5 categories.


  1. Art mobile – think of a mobile you would be interested in constructing. Due Wednesday.


  1. Family Day – Feb. 17 (No School)
  2. Dress Down Day – Feb. 21 – Superhero Day (wear superhero t-shirts or red/blue clothes). Please bring $2.00 in donation for our Sponsor child Thomas.
  3. Vancouver Art Gallery Form is due on Feb. 24
  4. Pink Shirt Day – Feb. 25
  5. Basketball – see PE Blog

Enjoy the long weekend!

Mrs. Caprilli and Ms. Carroll

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