/February 24-28, 2020

Grade 6

February 24-28, 2020

Dear Grade 6 Families,

The students have put on their creative thinking hats this week, planning and designing a mobile, inspired by Alexander Calder. I enjoyed seeing the collaboration of students as they were cutting the wires with their pliers.

I am pleased with how the students peer-edited their assignment on First Nations Principles of Good Governance. They were very focused as they typed their paragraphs in class. I am looking forward to seeing their drawings for each of the different sections. See rubric on Google classroom.

The students will be presenting Une Courtepointe de l’Amitié (les passe-temps) on Monday. Both sentences need to be memorized.

Homework for this weekend includes:


  1. Read 30 minutes both quietly and aloud


  1. Test on Area, Perimeter and Volume – Tuesday


  1. Présentations: Une Courtepointe de l’Amitié – to be memorized – Monday
  2. Complete worksheet: Une Courtepointe Traditionnelle Acadienne – Monday


  1. The Scientific Method of Inquiry – review notes on green coloured paper
  2. Complete worksheet: Understanding Parts of an Experiment #1-7 for Tuesday
  3. Bring thick gloves for Monday


  1. Assignment: First Nations Principles of Good Governance is due Tuesday
  2. Fine-line your drawings


  1. Bring pliers for Wednesday


  1. Hot Lunch – February 24 (bring your own utensils)
  2. Vancouver Art Gallery Forms are due – February 24
  3. Pink Shirt Day – February 25 (Anti-bullying day)
  4. Ash Wednesday Mass – February 26 @ 11:00am – please join us
  5. Lenten Masses begin @ 8:15am – February 27 (Students are encouraged to attend daily mass)
  6. Hot Lunch Orders due February 27 (April-June)
  7. Basketball – see PE blog

Enjoy the weekend!

Mrs. Caprilli and Ms. Carroll


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