Grade 5

Welcome Back!

Hello Grade Five Families!

Welcome to a new school year! I hope that your summer was filled with wonderful moments that will become treasured memories.

I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with this class again during their Grade 5 year at St. Paul’s School. Most of us have worked together before and even for those who were not in my Grade One class, we did spend time together last year during buddy activities. There is so much for us to explore on our learning journey this year – not just academically, but also in spiritual and social life as well.

Our theme this year is “Seeking Truth, Healing and Reconciliation”. This theme pertains particularly to our history and relationships with Indigenous Peoples, but must also be practiced regularly in our relationship with God and one another. To this end we will be spending time on each of these concepts as they relate to personal relationships with classmates, friends and family, and then how the connection can be made to extending them to Indigenous Peoples.

I would like to welcome Mrs. Lam who will be the education assistant working in Grade 5 this year. Also, I am please to share that Mrs. Brual and Mrs. Olivares will be the Grade 5 homeroom parents this year.

Here are a few quick things of which to please make note:

  • we will not be using agenda books this year
  • we will have a ClassDojo page to share photos of what is happening in the classroom
  • the students’ Google Classroom accounts will be set-up soon because we are currently waiting for some updating to occur with the Chromebooks
  • we will begin morning prayer and Catholic Education lessons promptly at 8:45am everyday so please plan to have your child at school between 8:30am and 8:40am so that they will be ready
  • please continue with the daily health checks and keep your child at home if they are sick
  • please email both the school office and myself if your child will be absent for any reason
  • I will try my very best to answer any emails that you send during my work day (about 7:30am until 5:30pm Monday to Friday) before the end of that work day depending on practices, games, meetings etc. Please be aware that emails sent after 5:30pm or on the weekends may not be answered until the following work day. Thank-you for your understanding!

Here are some notes specific to the first week of school: 


  • no school


  • 8:45am start (students will be lining up outside on the first day only as they did last year)
  • bring snack, water bottle, gym shoes, and name labels
  • dismissal is at 12:00pm


  • regular 8:30 – 8:45am arrival begins
  • the students will have their first PE class and will need their PE strip underneath their uniform as usual
  • we hope that you can join us for our opening Assembly at 1:00pm in the gym
  • 2:00pm dismissal


  • please join us for our opening school Mass at 9:15am in the Church


  • please send in a photo for our school birthday board and a pair of headphones that can be kept at school

Any paperwork that you receive from the school office during the first week of school should be returned promptly. Thank-you!

Thank-you so much for taking the time to read through this lengthly blog post! If you have any questions or any information that you need to share with me please email me at .

Please join me in prayer that this school year will be a blessed one for all of us and a time of growth in faith, friendship, and knowledge for our class community.

Wishing you a fabulous long weekend!

See you on Tuesday!

Mrs. Kelly 🙂