Grade 5

Week of October 7 – 11

Hello Grade 5 Families!

It’s hard to believe we’ve already had one month of school and are in our second week into October! And a congratulations to those who participated in the CISVA Cross Country Race last week! This week, we look forward to Photo Day and our Garry Point Fun Run!

Our featured image this week is from our current Math unit! We have been learning how patterns work with 1-variable equations! To help solve our word problems and find the variable and equation, we have been reviewing the key words related to each mathematical operation. It’s a great real-world skill to have when we’re trying to figure out every day things – from how much money we need to how many lunches we have to pack 😄!

This week at a glance:


  • Hot Lunch Serving
  • French with Madame Caprilli
  • Music with Ms. Rumpel


  • PE with Mr. Kelly


  • Walkathon Forms & Money Due
  • PE with Mr. Kelly
  • Early Dismissal @ 2:00 pm


  • Photo Day
  • French with Madame Caprilli
  • PE with Mr. Kelly
  • Music with Ms. Rumpel
  • Buddies with Grade 2


  • Assembly @ 9 am led by Grades 4 & 1
  • Garry Point Fun Run @ 12:30


  • Thanksgiving Day – No School 


Friendly Reminders:  

  1. Hot Lunch: In an effort to reduce our single plastic use, a reminder to please bring in your own utensils if you ordered hot lunch
  2. Walkathon Money: Please send in your pledge forms and money by this Wednesday, October October 9th
  3. Photo Day: Portrait photos days will be done this Thursday, October 10th, please be sure to have your full uniform and smiles ready that day!
  4. Garry Point Fun Run: If you are in Cross Country to please check the PE Blog for full details regarding this Friday’s event!
  5. Learning Conferences: A notice went home about booking an appointment for the Conference Day on Thursday, October 18th. Please read it thoroughly and I look forward to meeting with all of you!

Upcoming Dates:

  1. October 14th – Thanksgiving – No School
  2. October 18th – Learning Conference Day
  3. October 21st – Hot Lunch
  4. October 22nd – Field trip to the Richmond Olympic Oval
  5. October 24th – School Mass led by Grade 5
  6. October 28th – Hot Lunch

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns!



Miss Guevara