Grade 5

Week of November 28 – December 2, 2022

Hello Grade Five Families!
This Sunday we will celebrate the First Sunday of Advent. I think that of all the liturgical seasons, Advent is my favourite for many reasons including all of the Advent traditions that we had in my family. The anticipation and preparation for the joy of Christmas is so special that it is sometimes difficult to remember that Advent is also a quiet, reflective season to prepare a place in our hearts for Jesus to live. This first week of Advent, we focus hope. The hope that Jesus is coming again and the hope that His light can bring to us everyday. As the Grade 5 class prays every morning – “Jesus is the light of the world, a light no darkness can put out.” I wish all of you a beautiful Advent season! May we all wait with joyful hope!

As part of our Advent giving this year, St. Paul School will be supporting Blanket BC. They are a local charity focussed on bringing warm blankets and other items to the needy. You can read more about this charity on their website The Grade Five students are each asked to bring a new adult sized toque as a donation for Blanket BC. Please read Mrs. Moorehead’s letter (sent on Thursday November 24) for more details about this school Advent project and further information if you would also like to donate a blanket as well as a toque. The donations may be brought to school between December 5 and December 9. Thank-you for your support!

Thank-you for supporting your children in preparing their spelling homework this week! The test from Thursday as well as the new words will be sent home on Monday. As I explained to the students, the test dates are always changing depending on when the words go home. The next spelling test will be on the morning of  Monday December 5.

Thank-you to Mrs. Olivares and Mrs. Brual for organizing the St. Nicholas Day Party. I have heard from the students that many of you are able to join us on December 6 and we are so happy that you can come!

Please note the following for the week: 


  • please remind your child to bring in any spelling duo-tangs that were forgotten on Friday
  • please remind your child to bring in any library books that they may have at home
  • PE class ~ PE strip is needed
  • Yummy Pasta hot lunch ~ please send cutlery with your child as this is the pasta lunch, not the pizza lunch


  • we will be having a live (via Zoom) virtual Parlimentary Tour with a guide in Victoria in the morning


  • Sacrament of Reconciliation at 9:30am  with special thanks to Fr. Smith and Fr. Felix for giving the students this opportunity (which was not on the original schedule) to go to Confession during the Advent season
  • PE class ~ PE strip is needed
  • Assembly at 1:15pm ~ please join us


  • please join us at 9:15am in the Church for the school Mass ~ it’s Grade 5s turn to read and do the Offertory procession this week


  • last day to bring in hot lunch forms and no late orders will be accepted
  • PE class ~ no PE strip needed today (we can’t use the gym)
  • Fukuroku hot lunch ~ please send cutlery with your child as usual

Just one more reminder…ski forms are due by Friday December 9, 2022. Thanks!

Please email me at if you have any questions, concerns, or information to share.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and week ahead!

Mrs. Kelly 🙂