Grade 5

Week of January 24th

Hi Grade Five Families,

I have decided to post the blog a day early as there is lots of important reminders that will be more helpful to have today, rathe than tomorrow morning. I am so looking forward to our first day on the mountain tomorrow. Here are some reminders (that Mr. Kelly has previously sent in an email). If you have any other questions, please email Mr. Kelly today. Most important, please remember if your child carries an epipen at school, they need to carry their epipen on the mountain also. If your child does not have their epipen when they get on the bus, they will not be able to attend the skiing.


As Mrs Ong stated in an email, registration packages are going home today with your eldest or only child returning to the school in September 2022.  Please make sure to ask this from your child when they gets home.


Here are some quick reminders about tomorrow. Students can wait in the covered area until the doors of the school open at 7.25am in case any students need to use the washroom before getting on the bus:

It is very important that all participating students and parents perform the daily health check prior to attending the ski trip.  If there are any symptoms of COVID-19 present, students must NOT attend. The same holds true for parent supervisors as the safety of all is at stake.

If  you or your child are ill and unable to attend, please email the school office, classroom teacher, AND Mr. Kelly by 7:00 am

All students are to be dressed for the mountain and at St. Paul’s for attendance @ 7:25 am on ski days. The buses will depart for Grouse at 7:30 sharp.   All students, parents, and staff will be required to wear a mask on the school bus as well as any and all indoor areas @ Grouse Mountain (i.e. the gondola, the rental building, cafeteria, washrooms etc.).

Students should have an extra mask (or two) in their backpacks.

Winter boots are recommended as we do have to walk in the snow from the top of the gondola station to the rental building. Students should dress in layers so as to be able to adjust their clothing for comfort depending on weather conditions.

Students who have their own Grouse Season Pass are responsible for making sure they have their pass with them on school ski days.

Students may wish to bring a small backpack to hold their lunches, water bottles and any extra items (socks, gloves, goggles etc.) Backpacks may be left in the rental building while the students are skiing.

Students will NOT be permitted to purchase food or beverage items at Grouse Mountain.

We will depart Grouse Mountain at 2:00 pm to return to St. Paul’s. Our hope is to be back at school by 3:15 pm, depending of course on traffic conditions.

Thank you for your attention to this information.


Here is what’s happening in Grade Five Next Week :


Lockdown Drill (9.15am)

P.E. and French






No Assembly



Mass (Gr3)

French and Music



Report Cards go Home

Fukuroku Hot Lunch

Grouse Mountain Ski Day (Departing School at 7.30am sharp)


Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Carroll