Grade 5

Wednesday Reminders

Good afternoon everyone!

We had a bit of a chaotic afternoon organizing our classroom supplies and hearing all about the exciting extra curriculars available to Grade 5’s this year! Therefore, we ran out of time to properly write in our agendas so I told the students I would write a blog post reminding them of everything going on.

To Bring Back to School:

-Volleyball permission form (the pink paper), the schedule is yours to keep!

-Cross country permission form (white paper), again schedule is yours to keep

-Birthday pictures with full name, grade and birthdate on the back

-The forms in the envelope need to be filled out and brought back to school in the same envelope please!

Please have all forms returned by Friday if at all possible!


-PE tomorrow, please wear gym strips under uniforms

-Friday walkathon and Grade 7 leadership assembly

Day 2 of Grade 5 was a great success!

Any questions or concerns please feel free to send me an email!

Enjoy your evenings,

Ms. Haughian