Grade 5

September 25-29

Good morning!

Thank you to all those that came to Meet the Teacher Night on Tuesday. It was so great meeting you all!

Here is our week at a glance.


-French & Digital Literacy (remember to return all library books)

-Today is the first of 10 DARE sessions: for those of you who have had older children pass through Grade 5 at St. Paul’s, you’ll remember DARE is a program ran by the local RCMP to prepare students for challenges and decision making opportunities later on in their lives. It teaches them the dangers of drugs and alcohol and the importance of saying “No,” forming strong friendships and standing up for what you believe in. It will be run completely by the RCMP officer and will take place every Monday from 2:15-3:00



-VC prayer presentation



-Kindness Rocks Presentations in various classrooms

-2:00 dismissal


-French and Music


-Walkathon: remember to wear comfortable clothing and dress for the weather (no umbrellas please and bring a pocket snack for the walk)

-Dismissal at 1:00,  parents may take their students home as soon as we return from the walk

Other Things:

-Google Classroom is up and running and seems to be a great medium for students both at school and at home. Parents, if you would like to receive updates about due dates please let me know and I will input your email into the “invite guardian” tab under your child’s account. Otherwise, you can access your child’s account directly by signing into their google classroom (their email and password is written into their agendas).

-I ask that students bring in a family photo (either printed out or an actual print) for our family tree (connected to our Language Arts unit). Please note they will be returned to you however, I will be stapling them up on the bulletin board so printed out or photocopied versions are fine!

-Meet the Teacher overview is attached to this post!

-Remember to check the PE blog for all those practice and game times!

If you have questions or concerns send me an email or write a note in the agenda 🙂

Ms. H

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