Grade 5

June 25th-28th

It is with much sadness that I write our final blog post for Grade 5. I’m not sure I could ever explain in words how much these 31 kids mean to me. I have never encountered as much joy, laugher, and love as I have in this group of students. I’ve said it many times, but they are something special. Thank you, parents, for entrusting me with your children and allowing me to laugh and learn alongside them.

Week at a Glance


-LOTS OF FUN (pt. 2 with points!)


-LOTS OF FUN (and Mass at 11:00)


-LOTS OF FUN (at Watermania)


-LOTS OF FUN (in regular play clothes)

Reminders for Watermania

-Drop off and pick up is at Watermania (please check in and out with me)

-Lunch will be provided (pizza and juice boxes; Thanks Mrs. Chen!!)

-Please arrive with the least amount of changing necessary

-We will gather outside the front entrance as a group before heading in

-Finally, if you have an Active Pass PLEASE bring it with you!


With (lots of) Love,

Ms. Haughian