Grade 5

February 26th-March 2nd

Good Morning! We have a very exciting week ahead of us and I am looking forward to spending it together!

A thank you for all of the patience and understanding as we dismissed early on Friday due to the snow. I hope everyone found some time to wind down at home once the stress of the commute was out of the way!


-Hot Lunch for those that ordered

-French, Digital Literacy and Library

-3:00 girls basketball showdown, the Mrs. vs. Ms. Extravaganza!!!!!! (you get to meet my mom woohoo)


-St. B’s Basketball Tournament all day!

Reminder, girls are expected to be at St. B’s by 8:45 while boys attend school regular time. Once girls are finished (12ish) they will head back to school. Boys will leave around 12 to head over to St. B’s for their half of the tournament. Mr. Kelly and I will be there all day to support you and Ms. Wu will hold down the fort in the Grade 5 classroom.



-Pink Shirt Day! Please come dressed in pink shirts (or other pink attire) to support Anti-Bullying Awareness.

-2:00 Dismissal


-French & Music


-Snow Goose Presentation by the Richmond Nature Park


-Morning Mass at 8:15am in the Church. Students are encouraged to attend at least 3 a week as they are expected to write reflections. These reflections will be due the following Monday (so last week’s booklet is due tomorrow). If you are unable to attend 3, you are responsible for finding out the letter of the day and its associated word.

-T minus 2 weeks until Spring Break! Where does the time go?

Hope you have a wonderful and sunny Sunday and see you all tomorrow morning! As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to send me an email.


Ms. Haughian