Grade 5

February 19th-23rd

Good morning!! I hope you’ve had a chance to enjoy some sunshine this weekend ūüôā

Week at a Glance


-French/Digital Literacy & Library





-Last day to submit projects either in hard copy or on Google Classroom

-Scholastic Bookfair begins, our class will head down to the library together in the morning to check out all that the fair has to offer this year


-French & Music



-Reminder no regular assemblies during Lent

A couple of notes…

-The end of term projects are due anytime between Monday and Wednesday this week. We will have class time on Monday and Tuesday to work on them!

-Lent Reflections: every week there will be a journal type reflection on Google Classroom for each student to fill out on the letter of the alphabet that we are exploring in our daily Masses. Every student is required to fill out 3 a week (1 long reflection, 2 short) on the letter of the Mass they attended that day. I encourage every student in Grade 5 to attend at least 3 Masses a week to be able to complete these reflections. In the circumstance that less than 3 Masses are attended, students are responsible for finding out the letter of the day and responding accordingly. Thank you for your support in allowing your children to attend Mass at 8:15!

-There are only 3 weeks left until Spring Break!!! Where does the time go??? I am very aware of the effort the students have been putting into their class work these past couple of months (all year really) and am constantly proud of them. Their work (and your support) does not go unnoticed! Thank you, Grade 5’s and Grade 5 families, for all that you do!

See you tomorrow at Mass!


Ms. H