Grade 5

April 16th-April 20th

Good Afternoon!!

Thank you to all the parent drivers who helped make our field trip possible on Monday. The students watched a quick video and wrote responses about the Japanese Internment when we returned, and it is clear they learned a lot and were able to reflect critically and honestly on that part of Canada’s history. They are growing every day in how they can respond to the events in our country’s past and make insightful connections to our present.

Week at a Glance


-French, Digital Literacy & Library

-Homework due: Math garden project page 1, French title pages, Digital Literacy videos Block 1 & 2

-Please return signed Math tests


-Class and team photo day; Please make sure you have your school sweater!

-NO P.E. due to Badminton in the gymnasium, we will go and watch for a bit instead!

Wednesday (Ms. Wu)

-S.S. Activist Essays are due; you may use any computer time in class to finish it.


-2:00 dismissal

Thursday (Ms. Wu)

-French, NO Music due to Badminton


-Student Led Conference: Reminder to sign up for your preferred time slot TOMORROW starting at 9:00 am. Further details to be found in the notice sent home.


-The students attended a wonderful presentation on Thursday that discussed the need for positive attitudes to become a champion. We learned the acronym NED: Never give up, Encourage others, Do your best, to help guide us in our thinking. In addition to this message of hard work and positivity, the students were wowed by the presenter’s yo-yo skills! Yo-yos will be sold Monday-Wednesday at the school during lunch. Please fill out the form Mrs. Moorehead emailed out and send in CASH if you wish for your child to buy a yo-yo.

I think that’s it! I hope you have a wonderful weekend (hopefully we get some sun) and I will see you all on Friday!


Ms. Haughian