/Week of Sept. 23 – 27

Grade 4

Week of Sept. 23 – 27

Dear Grade Four Families,

It has been another productive and busy week in the Grade Four classroom. The students are starting to get used to our daily routines, and we are now able to focus on learning new things. They are especially loving the use of technology.  They get so excited to use the Chromebooks and Macbooks in class! Just in case you missed the funny thing that happened on Thursday afternoon, I told the kids that we had to finish science and move onto math because they had an assignment to do for math.  They all yelled, “NOOOOOOO!” Then I proceeded to say, “But it’s on Google Classroom.” Then they unanimously yelled, “Yaaaay!!!” We then all burst out laughing!

Your child now has access to their Raz-Kids account.  I told the students that they are to use it for READING and working on their COMPREHENSION SKILLS. For each book, they have a choice to read the book or listen to it being read.  I want the students to always choose to READ the book first.  Then, they are to complete the quiz after reading.  If they do not do well on the quiz, that’s when I want them to go back and LISTEN to the book, then retake the quiz.  If they do well on the quiz, they don’t have to listen to the book. They can move on and choose another book.  The expectation is for the kids to read 20-30 minutes 5 times a week.


Here are the reminders for the week:


  • Emergency Identification Badge Form due today
  • PE
  • return library books
  • Math assignment posted on Google Classroom due today (Review 203)
  • cross-country practice 3:00-3:45pm


  • PE
  • Math quiz on Unit 2: Lessons 1-3
  • C-skills due p.6-9
  • French – salle de classe worksheet due today
  • Library
  • cross-country practice 3:00-3:45


  • Dismissal at 2pm


  • Health Education – wear gym strip
  • cross-country practice 3:00-3:45



  • wear Disney/Pixar/Marvel clothing and Mickey ears or Disney hats if you have it
  • Or wear comfortable play clothes…we will walk rain or shine
    • no boots or umbrellas please
    • bring a pocket snack for the walk
    • PARENTS who are walking with us, thank you for volunteering!  Please meet us in the covered area by 9:30am. We are scheduled to depart the school at 9:40am
  • you may take your child home as soon as we return from the walk
  • Dismissal at 12:30pm

Looking ahead:

Sept. 30 – September Personal Project due (complete a minimum of 6 activities)

Oct. 2 – CISVA Cross-Country Meet at Swangard Stadium for qualifying students (a notice will be sent home with your child if they qualify – only Top 4 Boys and Top 4 girls from the class will go)

Oct. 11– Garry Point Run for ALL cross-country runners (pick up at school at 12:45pm – meet at Garry Point at 1pm…parents must arrange rides for their child to and from Garry Point on their own)

Oct. 14 – Thanksgiving Day (no school)

Oct. 16 – Field Trip to Fort Langley

Enjoy the weekend! Continue to collect those pledges for our walkathon!!!

Yours in Christ,

Mrs. Imoo

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