/Week of Feb. 23 – Feb. 28

Grade 4

Week of Feb. 23 – Feb. 28

Dear Grade Four Families,

This week, the students have been learning how to tell time using an analog clock and digital clock. It’s a great time to practice telling time whenever you have appointments this weekend. Also, have them practice telling time using words such as quarter to, quarter after and half past.

In science, the students have been looking at physical and chemical changes in matter. They have been working with a partner and completing various activities. It’s nice to see them working cooperatively and thinking critically. We will continue with some experiments next week!

This coming week, the Grade Four class will be leading the morning Lenten masses on Thursday and Friday.  I would like to see our class well represented if possible.  Readers and gift bearers, please be in the church by 8:05am.  We will sit together as a class on the middle left pews (in front of the lectern).  Parents, thank you in advance for getting the children there.  We know how busy it is in the mornings, and we really appreciate the effort!

Here are the reminders for the week:


  • PE
  • Hot lunch for those who ordered
  • Diego’s letter is due today
  • Return library books
  • Beatitudes #5 due today


  • Pink Shirt Day for Anti-Bullying Day
  • PE
  • C-Skills p. 70-74


  • Ash Wednesday
    • Mass at 11am
  • Dismissal at 2pm


  • Hot lunch orders for April – June due today
  • Morning Lenten Mass begins today at 8:15am – please join us if you can
    • Readers: Amaya, Matias, Caitlin
    • Gift bearers: Justin and Joshua
  • PE


  • Morning Lenten Mass begins today at 8:15am – please join us if you can
    • Readers: Amelia, Isabella, Beatrice
    • Gift bearers: Bayden and Laird
  • February Personal Project due today
    • Activity pages: include your name, student number, title and page number
    • all pictures must be coloured, fineline words if needed
    • table of contents must be complete and numbered
    • cover page is coloured and includes your name, student number and title
  • PE
  • No assemblies during Lent

Have a good week!

Mrs. Imoo

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