/May 27th-31st

Grade 3

May 27th-31st

Hello Grade 3 Families!

The students have started to do their oral presentations. It has been a pleasure to see them talk about, and present, something that they feel passionate about. This coming Friday I will be at a Professional Development workshop, so the students who were scheduled for their oral presentation on Friday will be doing it on Thursday.

This past week the students have been learning how to tell time on an analog clock. They are understanding that skip counting is also useful outside of the classroom as they’ve been skip counting by five to calculate the minutes on the clock.  If you could have them practice telling you the time whenever you see an analog clock this weekend, that would really help reinforce what they’ve just learned in the classroom^^*!

Here are the reminders for the week:


  • PE
  • Hot lunch for those who ordered
  • Math homework going home


  • PE


  • No PE~Mr. Kelly will be at the Track Meet
  • CISVA Track Meet at Swangard Stadium
  • Library
  • Dismissal at 2pm


  • PE
  • Spelling test


  • Assembly at 9:00am led by Grades 4 & 1
  • Spelling word list for next week will be going home today

Looking Ahead

  • CISVA Track Meet at Swangard Stadium ~ June 5

Feel free to e-mail me at mboily@stpaulschool.ca if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Boily