/March 9th~13th

Grade 3

March 9th~13th

Hello Grade 3 Families!

The Grade 3 students diligently did their math homework last week. Congratulations to them and to you^^*!!! In this week’s math homework, they will be adding 3-digit numbers. On Wednesday, the students will be having a mini math test.

Last week most of the Grade 3 students made the final version of their iMovies. The few teams that are left should be completing them at the beginning of this week. They will be showing them to you during the Student Led Conference in April! I will be organizing a tour this week for the other grades to be able to see the Grade 3 students Landforms and Bodies of Water models. The Grade 3 students will answer questions and describe the various bodies of water and landforms that they made in their project, showcasing what they learned in this unit^^*

On Thursday afternoon we will be attending The House on Pooh Corner at the Waterfront Theatre on Granville Island. All supervising parents are asked to meet us in the covered area by 11:30am. The students will eat lunch before we leave for the theatre. When we get back to school, the students will return to the classroom to pick-up their backpacks and will be dismissed at 3:00pm as usual. The students will wear their school uniforms for the field trip.

During Visual Art the students made a heart collage of things that they love. They then attached a card to it on which they had written their 40 day Lent sacrifice. Some of the Grade 3 students chose to eat fewer sweets, spend less time on their iPad, or watch less TV. Please ask them what they chose as their sacrifice during Lent, why they chose it, and how well they’ve been doing so far in maintaining their Lenten sacrifice. I am hoping that their talking about it with you will encourage them to continue until Easter^^* I will post pictures of their Lent hearts on the Dojo Blog.

Here are the reminders for the week:


  • 8:15am ~ Morning Lenten Mass ~ please join us!
  • PE
  • Hot lunch for those who ordered
    • Please bring your own cutlery
  • Math homework for the week will be going home today


  • 8:15am ~ Morning Lenten Mass ~ please join us!
  • Speech Arts Festival at our school in the Parish rooms 1 & 2 for the students who qualified
  • PE
  • Art Club from 3pm to 4pm for the students who joined


  • 8:15am ~ Morning Lenten Mass ~ please join us!
  • Mini Math Test
  • PE
  • Library: please bring all books back from home ~No new books will be going home during Spring Break
  • Dismissal at 2 pm


  • 8:15am ~ Morning Lenten Mass ~ please join us!
  • PE
  • Field Trip to the Waterfront Theatre


  • 8:15am ~ Morning Lenten Mass ~ please join us!
  • *No Assemblies during Lent

Looking Ahead

  • March 16th – 27th ~ Spring Break

Feel free to e-mail me at mboily@stpaulschool.ca if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a wonderful week!

Ms. Boily

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