/January 29 – February 2

Grade 3

January 29 – February 2

Thank you to all of the families for participating in the “Toonies for Tuition”. We had fun today wearing our cozy winter clothes. We got to spin the wheel for prizes today for all of the students who got entered into the CARE card draw. I love seeing all of the positive behaviours in the class and around the school. I can tell that the students really C.A.R.E.

Today the reading and requirements for the Speech Arts Festival were sent home. If your child has a scripture reading, please practice all readings with them. They will be chosen randomly so they must be familiar with all three readings. If your child has chosen a poem, please help them to find two poems that are between 12 and 24 lines long. Please be sure that they are not nursery rhymes. We will be collaborating with the Grade 2 class to ensure that all students have different poems. Thank you for your help in preparing your children.

Please continue to read your biography book. We will be talking about different project ideas once they have completed their readings. Make sure that you are have with this project!


No School


Math Check in on 3-digit addition and subtraction


2:00 Dismissal


Regular School Day


Assembly led by Grade 3 and 7

February Scholastic Orders Due